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The Great War Is Finally Here

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July 16 is drawing to a close, and literally everyone is LOSING.THEIR.SHIT over the final season of Game of Thrones, arguably the best show that ever aired. And when we mean everyone, we mean EVERYONE.

For starters, you can not go on social media without coming across at least 2 GoT memes. The man bun has taken over our lives. Gareth Pugh’s LCM collection seemed to echo the message – ‘Winter Is Coming’, with enough black and fur to dress the whole army at the Wall, and makeup inspired by white-walkers. Prada, Loewe and Dries Van Noten fashioned jewellery fit for a wildling out of bones, teeth and feathers.

It is official. July 2017 is the month of Game of Thrones.

Them cloaks and clothes1 (3)

When winter constantly looms over your head, leather is a way of life and so is fur. But sadly (or not) July here is not an ideal incubator for these.

So, while on the one hand there are men of the Night’s Watch that live by #BlackAllDayErrDay, on the other end is royalty, living a life of such excess it will put Hugh Hefner to shame. Think rich silks, decadent velvet and sooooo much gold! There are also the more exuberant characters like Ser Loras Tyrell and Oberyn Martell – prints feature aplenty in their closets.

Those manes2 (4)

Whether you like it or not, you can thank GoT for the return of the man bun, and endless hair inspo. There is Tyrion and Joffrey with man bangs, Ser Loras Tyrell with that wonderful head of soft curls, and Khal Drogo with his undefeated head of braids.

Beards Ahoy!3 (3)

If it weren’t for the surplus of sexy bearded men on GoT, would the women even watch it? There’s Oberyn Martell with his jaw defining beard + rakish moustache, Ramsay with his 3-day stubble, Khal Drogo with his knotted beard.

Hon’able mention: The late Joffrey with noticeably absent facial hair, to reinforce the idea of him being the Boy King.

 The bling!4 (3)

Jewellery is as important as the clothing in a period drama like GoT.

The Hand of the King’s necklace is as coveted as the position itself. Would Peter Baelish’s self-importance come through as strongly without his sigil – a mocking bird. We also see Theon Greyjoy ultimately reduced to “Reek” because he didn’t “pay the iron price for a chain”.

Juice Babe – Emilia Clarke5 (3)

If you haven’t watched Khaleesi’s naked body scenes in slo-mo, did you even technically watch the episode? #JustSaying

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