10 months ago | BY Jahnavi Prasad

Serving you the hottest

Tell us you’re woofing too just by reading the headline and obviously drooling seeing the hot men on the cover– we mean hot as f**k Princes.

Even though Meghan Markle may have found her Prince… the Prince on our radar that topped on the eligibility list. But it’s not like we don’t have others to turn our attention on to. Let’s just say we live on dreams, hope, faith and stalking!

Warning: They are really really really HOT! (A little gift: Click on their names to get started on the stalking)

Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden
39 Years old
fHe is the reason of us revving up our stalking. His pictures from his latest holiday in Italy have been making its rounds on social media. Unlucky for us, he isn’t a bachelor

Crown Prince of Dubai: Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum,

35 Years old
2His name maybe a mouthful, but so is he! We stalked and stalked thorugh his fit body, fit body travelling through the world adventures and animals and his band of nephews. So we know he loves experimenting, kids, animals and hot bods!

Prince Constantine-Alexios of Greece,
18 Years ONLY
4He may have some growing up to do, but the young prince has ample to be lusting after—he is really good looking! Dresses sharp and is an artist—you know those kinds of things make one go weak in the knees. He also loves partying and chilling… look at the pics for refs

Great-nephew of HM the Queen: Arthur Chatto
19 years old
1When it comes to the Queen of England, she’s definitely got a lot to offer—a lot of eligible bachelors—and Princess Margaret’s younger grandson Artthur Chatto has us glued. The Etonian’s Instagram is filled with a hefty number of topless and other revealing shots. And we don’t mind

Prince Lorenzo Borghese
46 years old
3He is the owner of Royal Treatment Italian pet spa and is the president of Animal Aid USA, enough to tell us those he loveeesss animals. It’s unclear if he’s dating anyone, so that still makes him an eligible bachelor. The cutest thing about him? He does take a ton of photos with adorable puppies!

Jordan’s Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II
23 Years old
5His CV is not only impressive but also a little unbelievable for a 23 year old who also is the youngest person to chair a UN Security Council Session at only 20 years! Not like all of that isn’t tempting enough, but we’d be content with his ball skills and cute smile.