10 months ago | BY Huma Hazarika Sharma

The 2018 edit

The oft-frowned upon half-sleeve shirt first reared its functional head in the summer of 1953, back in the United States of A. Though it took the men-iverse by storm back in that day & age, its popularity has dipped and soared repeatedly over the years. And, surprise, surprise, it’s in vogue yet again in 20-18.


PRINTED: Hawaiian printed shirts are all the rage this year, and they look all the more cooler in more chill versions with shorter sleeves. Totally beach-worthy, you should be wearing these babies with shorts of course.

HoldingprintsShopJack & Jones White Printed Slim Fit Casual Shirt, ₹1100; Flying Machine Red Printed Slim Fit Casual Shirt, ₹1162 


PREPPY: Totally what all the cool boys who were once jocks are wearing, these are perfect for when you tee off at the course with your investor banker crowd, or for one of those fanc-ey office brunch-type scenes. Wear them with pants please.

HoldingpreppyShop: Blue Saint Blue Printed Slim Fit Casual Shirt, ₹1399; The Bear House Charcoal Grey Textured Formal Shirt, ₹798


PASTELS: Soft and romantic, these are perfect for chillin’ with your girl on any given day. Wear them with whatever the foop you want.

HoldingPASTELSShop: Red Tape Lavender Solid Casual Shirt, ₹700; Levi’s Green Solid Regular Fit Casual Shirt, ₹2399


DENIM: These bad boys are only for ze bad boys (we kid), though we can totally see everyone from the preppy kid to hipsters wearing the shorter sleeve version of the denim shirt. Wear denim on denim with brown moccasins.

HoldingdenimShop: Lee Blue Washed Slim Fit Demin Shirt, ₹1365; Blue Saint Light Blue Printed Slim Fit Casual Shirt, ₹1899


WHITES: Nothing like bright whites to make your summers a breeze. Wear them on casual Friday’s at work and take bae out straight from there.

HoldingWHITES Shop: Red Tape White Solid Casual Shirt, ₹700; Levi’s White Solid Regular Fit Casual Shirt, ₹2399