8 months ago | BY Ruhi Baweja

Your swim-spo over the decades

Okay, you have two choices.

Throw on a pair of boxers and jump into the pool.

Doable, but do you really want to go about life not giving a sh*t?

Hmm, didn’t think so.

Now you don’t necessarily need to go deep in research either. Looking at the highlights from over the decades, say ten, would help you a fair bit.

1910s1Shop: Speedo Short Sleeve Sun Dark Grey Round Neck T-Shirt, ₹999Speedo Splice Dark Grey Swim Shorts, ₹2599

Most men dove in wearing tank suits. They were mostly sold in solid colours like black or navy. Think of ‘em as long line tanks with longer swimming shorts.

1920s2Shop : Speedo Trendy Muscle Black Tank, ₹799

Weren’t very different from the 10s. It was mostly down to one piece rather than two, and the armholes were cut more generously.

1940s3Shop : Speedo Curve Aqua Short Navy Blue Shorts, ₹500; Speedo Lycra 6.5Cm Navy Blue Swim Shorts, ₹325

Latex was just being introduced to the blend that made the very popular briefs in the 40s.

They were mostly high-waisted with low cut legs.

1970s4Shop : Speedo Houston Purple Swim Shorts, ₹455

The decade of the hippies- that most definitely had its effect on men’s swimwear as well. There was a lot of accessorising along with bright colours and exotic cuts.

2010s5Shop : Speedo Dream Fuse Vintage Multicoloured Shorts, ₹1699

Now, you see most men leaning towards longer trunks in all sorts of prints- though, floral seems to emerge victorious on most occasions. The styling includes matching jackets, robes and flip flops!