2 weeks ago | BY Huma Hazarika Sharma

Everything you need in 2019 guys!

The Indian ethnic has undergone a major evolution the last few years, and we love how desi boys everywhere have traded in yawn-inducing blacks, browns and beige with big and bright experimental colours, prints and cuts. Give your SO an instant style update with these 6 trends, and make all those aunty-jis who have always been on your case about your shaadi just a tad envious (or a lot).

holding2We’ve got to admit, the dapper Jodhpuri tops our list of ethnic wear for desi guys, and the long and short of it is that we really do love it any length. Keep it classic & short and pair with pants, but if you go long, pair it with a churidar you must.

holding1The waistcoat is still reigning supreme. Don’t be boring and wear a fun printed one with everything from a kurta-pyjama to a churidar or even a shirt.

holding3Print-on-print-on print is how the cool boys are doing it. Wear the same print HTT, or go for a floral (or not) printed waistcoat and pair it with a clashing print underneath #PrintManiac

holding4Our love affair with florals seems never-ending, and we advocate adding a touch of flowers in every colour and size to your daily routine (but yeah, might be a tad much for most normal folks, especially if you’re a guy, so try it at your own risk) #FloralSwag

holding5Now, statement necklaces are more the domain of the groom and his immediate fam, but lately we’ve been seeing a whole bunch of non-groom guys giving this trend a try too. Keep it simple with a single-layered bead necklace, or go OTT and multiply #JewelsForGuys

holding6If we were to give this style a name, we’d call it Mr. Draper ‘cos it’s making us weak in the knees just the way its namesake did back in the day. We love how Indian ethnic is being rebooted in the most ingenious silhouettes and drapes. Stick to neutrals though ‘cos you don’t want to look like you’re trying to hard of course.