2 weeks ago | BY Huma Hazarika Sharma

9 trends we can’t get ’nuff of

It’s officially swimsuit season girls, and given how hot it’s gotten, we are already plotting our summer getaway to a dreamy, palm-filled beach destination somewhere far, far away. And, obviously we need a swimsuit for each day ‘cos wearing the same swimsuit twice on our IG feed would be nothing short of blasphemous, right? Well, you’re in luck ‘cos we rounded up 16 of the coolest ones that ‘IT’ girls everywhere are going to be wearing through spring, and into the summer.

They say the colours you don affect your mood, so why then should your swimsuit be anything less than bright, colourful and happy, no?

Growllll…there’s a leopard on the prowl – vacays (especially the beach kind) are the perfect time to unleash your wild side #RAWR

Whether micro or maximal, florals are still trending hard this spring (but of course!). Be spoilt for choice in ditsy florals or the big, full-bloom kind.

And girl, you know it. Swimsuits in ‘ol school candy-striped pinks and browns and retro polka dots are taking us right back to the 60s.

Sun damage is a serious thing now, so if your skin is super sensitive, you might want to cover up a tad, and go for a longline if a one-piece feels too restrictive. Plus, you can totally mix ‘n match.

And, a tie it is because we couldn’t make up our minds between this super hot black halter swimsuit with the metallic tie-up detailing up front, and this simple, but tres cute powder blue polka dot swimsuit with the ruched tie-up to the side.

Nothing spells sexy quite like a little (or a lot) of ruffles on your swimsuit – trade in your ruffled one-piece for a red hot bikini for a lil swim-time with bae.

It’s time to retire your Baywatch red swimsuit, and upgrade your collection of swimsuits with a current tangerine instead, and go for gold accents like flip-flops and earrings.

Stripes are the new checks, and if plain ‘ol stripes are too blah for you, go for stripes with stars or any other cool design.