8 months ago | BY Ruhi Baweja

Snatched or Ratchet 

How do you think Tay-Tay felt sitting somewhere comfy, in her pajamas, knowing she won the VMAs without even being there? Im guessing great. (…)

The Video Music Awards 2017- there was no Kanye interrupting T-Swizzle, no Madonna making out with Brit, No Cyrus twerkin’ on Thicke and no Fiona to declare that “The world is bullsh*t.” But there was a lot of shade-throwing. The highlight of the night had to be when Fifth Harmony flung, what appeared to be, the silhouette of a woman right off stage- a direct representation of ex-Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello.

The show might’ve been underwhelming but the red carpet was ablaze with one #GOALS lewk after another.

Nicki Minaj15

Is Nicki the new Barbie Girl or is vex latex too dirty for that? Lookey! We have another franchise for the barbie clan.

Vanessa Hudgens14

Vanessa Breaking Free from her HSM days looked better than we imagined, and it’s only getting better. When she’s not busy hosting award shows, she’s (figuratively) setting fire to red carpets!


Ya feel us when we say Ice Princess, or can you think of something else that fits better?

Ed Sheeran12

Living up to his Instagram handle, lookin’ like a real teddy photo. Also, this no fuss (no) styling life is speaking to us RN.

Joe Jonas and DNCE11

There’s something wrong if all your focus is not on porn-stache AKA how are you pulling that off Joe?!?! Imagine this stache with maple syrup #ThinkinBoutBoys

Katy Perry10

We’re definitely curious to know what it would feel like hangin off those earrings, but really we’re a little distracted by that up-to-expectation structured dress.

Grace Mitchell9

Is this left of field styling enough of an indication that Ms. Grace Mitchell is from Portland? Look again.

Billy Ray Cyrus8

We see you’re in on what’s trending, Father Cyrus, but its takes a little more effort to nail the #Dadcore lyf.


Welcome back and congratulations on finding your voice, Kesh. Now it’s time to find a new stylist!

Ellen Degeneres and Chance the Rapper6

Hoping ya’ll give a few tips to Daddy Dadcore up there for next year- the two leaders of the dad-fash-clan.

Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars4

Hey Jared, we love you n all, but are you trying to channel some sort of a disco Moses? #WeWonder

Kendrick Lamar3

Mr. Man, nominee of 8, winner of 6- keepin’ it classy with that all black-one print sitch.

Teyana Taylor2

We saw your abs for 3 minutes 45 seconds on loop, Teyana, stop showing off- you’re making our insecurities surface.

Miley Cyrus1

Miley or Elvis? We definitely did a double-take but its obvs not Elvis. How well has she done this!?