The Juice Baesics for July – Women

5 months ago | BY Kriti Asthana

The Great War Is Finally Here

July 16 is drawing to a close, and literally everyone is LOSING.THEIR.SHIT over the final season of Game of Thrones, arguably the best show that ever aired. And when we mean everyone, we mean EVERYONE.

For starters, you can not go on social media without coming across at least 2 GoT memes. Elie Saab, avant garde designer extraordinaire, presented an entire couture line for 2017, exclusively containing draped gowns, velvet shawls, and dainty crowns, all presented at a venue laden with sigils of the house of Elie Saab. Karlie Kloss just debuted a platinum hairdo, very Khaleesi!

It is official. July 2017 is the month of Game of Thrones.

Them clothes


If we were to actually live in GoT times, and had managed to somehow survive the constant death threat that looms over every character, just the sheer weight of carrying all that fabric around would kill us. Can you imagine moving around in Cersei’s sleeves? Thankfully, come 2017, and regular sized flute sleeves have come to our rescue.

Marjorie’s style, on the other hand, we get. With her sexy cut-out dresses, she is every gold digger just tryna land a rich husband.The most current style hands dowqn though is Khaleesi with her toga dresses and rope-tie belts, so boho-chic!

That jewellery

2If you were to adopt GoT style in your everyday wardrobe without people questioning your sanity, you gotta go the accessory route. Think amulets, cuffs, long chain pendants, or even short-chains à la Marjorie.

TDF Hair

3The way we look at hair has been changed forever, thanks to GoT! Elaborate braids have never been THIS mainstream. When Bollywood biggies like Alia and Sonam jump on a trend, you know it’s big.

The beauty

4Unfortunately, Kim K’s contour kit and Kylie’s lip kit hadn’t really arrived 12,000 years ago. GoT beauty is quite au naturale. Think a thin like of kohl, flushed cheeks and a nude pink lip, unless you are the Red Priestess of course, in which case, a red lip stain is mandatory. But feel free to go extreme on the brows.

The Juice Squeeze – Kit Harrington

5John Snow may know absolutely nothing, but this is one thing he does know – Kit Harrington is the sole reason an hour-long episode takes roughly 2 hours to finish. When he broodily lingers at the Wall, *sigh *. Major feels, guys! We just gotta hit rewind.

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