2 months ago | BY Huma Hazarika Sharma

Disruptive art for the heart

The Irregulars Art Fair began last year with much gusto, as an answer to all the Biennales and the Art Basels of the world. Founders, and now friends, Tarini Sethi & Anant Ahuja, came up with the idea when Sethi was selected as one of 3 artists, for a residency that Ahuja’s company was organising in Benaras in September 2017. Fast-track to a few months later, and the idea for doing a sort of anti-art fair came about to help give those artists not repped by a Gallery to showcase their talent. And thus, within a month, the very first edition of the Irregulars Art Fair was borne.

The Juice: Given that the entire fair was put together in just about a month, and nearly 1500 people made it, what are your expectations from this edition given you’ve had more time to plan it?
TS: Well, we are hoping we surpass that number in terms of visitors this time around, and just hope they appreciate and enjoy everything we’ve put together this year.

The Juice: What is your selection process like?
TS: We try to incorporate every kind of artist working with different materials. We lean towards something more interactive. The idea of the fair is to think outside the box. Something more immersive, and if we can see that and the fact that someone’s really sat down and thought about the whole thing, and can come in an really expand the whole place, we are sold.
2The Juice:  The theme for this year’s edition is ‘Altered Realities’, what can we expect to see?
TS: A lot of immersive installations that take you to another reality. Like VR installations that can take you from the streets of Bombay, or through a Picasso painting – basically a lot of interactive pieces that react to heat sensitivity. A lot of stuff that take you outside your reality – spaces you can enter, spaces you can’t. We also have a lot of other interesting elements like an educational tea drinking ritual akin to a wine tasting for people who don’t drink alcohol, as well as a cinema-making workshop, plus musical performances of course.

The Juice: What’s the 5-year plan for TIRAF?
TS: Apart from making it bigger, we’d like to reach different kinds of people, not just in Delhi, but both in Tier II & Tier III cities. Last year, we’d asked all the participating artists a 1000 bucks each, but this time we haven’t done that. We want to be more inclusive and give every artist a chance.