8 months ago | BY Jahnavi Prasad

Cause style is work related

“Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because whatever you see can inspire you” is rightly said by the great Grace Coddington. And we can’t get that thought out of our heads… specially when it comes to breaking the mundane routes for fashion inspirations.

Therefore we turned to four non-fashion entities that are powerhouses of their own. And what inspires us even deeper is their fashion inspiration—their work. They have tiny quirks that speak of who they are…

I am A Chef

Where I spend most of my days
: At SodaBottleOpenerWala as the Chef Manager
What I do is what I wear:
“Food requires art and science that syncs extremely artistically… it’s very creative that inspires and gives me the freedom to experiment with my choices in fashion as well.”
My clothes are drenched in: bright and artistic prints that I mix and match.
My personal style is described as…. DIY, comfy and obviously good looking.
Feels my clothes give me: ‘means business’ while at work, ‘playful’ at other times of the day.
Notice her for: Flower clip that sits on her bun.
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Chef Anahita N. Dhondy on facebook
Anahita Dhondy on instagram

I am an Artist

Where I spend most of my days
: at an exhibition exhibiting or turning a wall into an art piece.
What I do is what I wear:
“Just like in my paintings I try to step out of my comfort zone & experiment with new ideas, mediums, styles, concepts, colours by pushing boundaries, I do the same when it comes to my personal style.”
My clothes are drenched in: solids and lace
My personal style is described as… “Art is very influential and is always transitioning into my personal spaces weather its how I dress up, how I work or how I choose to live. It opens up the element of creativity, links the two and lets me add the spark when I dress up.”
Feels my clothes give me: put together and in tune with my ideology
Notice her for: Scarves delicately wrapped around her neck
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Umikamediratta.art on instagram
Umika Mediratta on facebook

I am a Photographer

2Image by Dhruvin Shah

Where I spend most of my days
: n parts of Asia and Europe… wherever my work takes me. On other days i’m home with my cat (which is most days)!
What I do is what I wear:
“I shop almost exclusively when I’m traveling, photographing and discovering new places…and my favourite thing is finding unique pieces in local markets, or re-designing a cheap dress or a jacket I found in the street using natural materials like cotton/linen/silk (advantages of living in india!). I’ve found a lot of cool pieces in street markets in Seoul, Bangkok and (believe it or not) in Kilo Shop Kawaii.”
My clothes are drenched in: Most of my closet is monochromatic – blacks, white, greys- and reds.
My personal style is described as… Architectural and geometric cuts, usually those are flowy and a little bigger than my actual size. I shop quite often in the men’s section. I’ve been wearing the same two shades of lipstick ever since I can remember – Ruby woo and Russian Red by Mac. I rarely wear jewellery, and when I do its because it reminds of someone or something or somewhere–it’s usually a gift someone has given me or someone I know has made it.”
Feels my clothes give me: Earthy and naturally occurring, that remind me of places I’ve been to.
Notice her for: Grey hair
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Work at Kaamna.com
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I am an Interior Designer

Where I spend most of my days
: at the HQ of Design Pataki
What I do is what I wear:As an interior designer, I am always playing with colour, pattern and form. My design style is what I like to call ‘Raw Contemporary’ and it’s natural for it to seep into my fashion sensibilities.”
My clothes are drenched in: “This summer I have been crushing on white cotton and linens with geometric prints.”
My personal style is described as… fluid
Feels my clothes give me: The style, fit and material is important to me, its what makes me feel sharp.
Notice her for: dainty blouses
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Work at DesignPataki.com
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