The Brow-Dy Bunch

1 year ago | BY Ruhi Baweja

With beauty standards being so cyclical we thought it apt to give a second to talk about (arguably) the most important feature on your face- eyebrows.

Back in the Elizabethan Era, being pale and hairless indicated prosperity.. if only it were that easy.1

In the 20s, eyebrows were exceptionally thin, the tails of which had a downward curve almost reaching the cheek.2

The arch gradually kept going up and brows a bit thicker. There was a short-lived stint for the graphic thick brow with Elizabeth Taylor in the 50’s but that was soon outshone by Twiggy’s perfectly groomed, slightly thinner brows. Twiggy’s look has by far been the most iconic, with its distinctive crease liner and prominent bottom lashes- nothing has even come close to being so recognizable.3

Soon after, the sparkly disco phase consumed the crowds in the 70s and brows became slimmer, much like in the 20s. Donna Summer was #1 inspo, and her look gave that much more allowance for the glitter to pop.

Brows were kept thin until the 21st century and all our fav pop divas and babes rocked em.4

Recently though, the entire world fell in love with the bushy brow look thanks to Cara Delevingne (even tho Hepburn was rocking that look single handedly back in the 60s)5

The internet went crazy. The beauty bloggers couldn’t get enough.6

Everyone had their own variation of the bushy brow and suddenly everyone was obsessed with brow perfection.

There are easily 100 different tips and tricks featured on I’m guessing thousands of Instagram videos on how to achieve the Insta-Brow.

The thing is, not everyone could achieve it. People tried and failed; and so, someone came up with Microblading.7

Microblading is essentially a face tattoo. You pay an experienced professional to tattoo hair like strokes to fill in your brows so you don’t have to make the effort every morning.14

Cringe or Genius? Honestly, I can’t decide. On one hand, it saves SO much time and your brows look insta-perfect every day. But on the other hand, the speed at which trends are changing is ever-increasing.

Earlier, you would see trends lasting a decade minimum. But now, we see new trends every few years- so how long do you think this bushy brow trend is going to last? What will we do when Queen Elizabeth’s no-brow trend makes a comeback and we want to show people we’re wealthy? Dunno…

In case you’re in the ‘Cringe Clan’ I’m going to be kind and bestow upon you some tricks I use to achieve (something similar to) Insta-Brows.

  1. Don’t forget to prep your face before starting ANY beauty routine. Cleansing, toning, moisturising, primer. This will help your make-up blend easier and last longer.13

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2. Brush your brows out with a spoolie and then use your choice of eyebrow product-                   whether its a pencil, gel or a pressed powder

  • Create a line just under your brow, and then just above your arch and down.
  • Vertical strokes on the inner corner go a long way for your gradient game.
  • Make sure the outer corner is darker.

Blend, blend, blend. With a brush or a spoolie, make sure there are no harsh lines.12

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3. Use a concealer under and above your arch for cleaner lines and a sharp brow.


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4. Highlight your brow bone for a little extra oomf!


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5. Dab copious amounts of confidence and self indulgence, and you’re ready!15