1 month ago | BY Huma Hazarika Sharma
To take you from a hangover to picture perfect in an instant!
Beauty is skin deep they say, and we couldn’t agree more. For how can you expect to look all young and gorgeous when your skin looks like it’s a 100 years or more. There are certain beauty staples that must be used at all costs to keep that skin supple. Never forget the Cleanse-Tone-Moisturise routine – and of course other essentials like a mascara and lip balm. Though what plagues us millennials the most is obviously the amount we drink on a night out, and the only way you can prevent it from getting your skin all thirsty is by taking some extra care. We present to you DIY Hangover kits that’ll take you from a drunken night/or days, to work and everywhere else.
Your bestie’s getting married, and you’ve just had the craziest bachelorette, and the wedding is the day after. You’ve partied so hard all night right up until the wee hours, that you need all the products you can get to help you recover+makeup that’ll help you hide away those dark circles. Might we suggest an eye cream that fights them dark circles and makes all that puffiness disappear like a magic trick? That paired with a clay mask is all the therapy your skin needs coupled with a brilliant concealer, and some shimmery-shaded mascara.


You’ve had the insanest weekend ever – your friend went all out for the big 2-5, and the rager of a night you had has left you super hungover. Ugh. You can totally wing it on most days, but today you have a huge a** meeting with a client, who umm only happens to be a fitness guru, and there’s no way in hell you can turn up like a tornado hit you. The perfect remedy? A trusty eye cream, a toner, a highlighter, and a pretty pink lip and cheek tint to give you a healthy glow.

You’ve just come back from your dream vacay to Sri Lanka, and not only are you terribly sunburnt, but you’re also beyond exhausted, and your skin is dehydrated AF. Avoid further skin damage with a sunscreen that boasts SPF 50 and above, and throw in a cooling mask, a hydrating eye gel and a BB lip corrector. Try it first and you can thank us later!
Who can resist ladies night mid-week? We sure can’t, and with all that those drinks in our system we sure need a power dose of whatever it is that’ll keep us going the next day. A deep pore cleanser, some precious eye cream, oodles of mascara and a hydrating make up base should help save you from the Zombie(eyed) apocalypse.


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