10 months ago | BY Ruhi Baweja

We’re not fully sure 

With the attention span of our generation being less than a damn squirrel’s, trends are coming and going faster than tinder dates. And strangely enough, a lot of these trends are really weird. Like, you look at it and you’re like “What even is happening here? Am I supposed to be skilled enough to understand this as an average human being?” 

Understand it or not but are you willing to give it a go? Since we are all about the #JustForThrills life we present doable versions of all that is making us go Girl What ??

Like. Thong Jeans. Tokyo Fashion Week debuted this pair by Thibaut. It’s essentially just the waistband and seams, if you look carefully… or at all. It’s paired with a nude bodysuit and sneakers. So the lower half of your body is basically bare, and we’re not sure we understand the appeal.1Shop: Moda Rapido Blue Washed Skinny Fit Mid Rise Jeans, ₹1200

@coolgirlswearmugler is a Swedish make up guru, on Instagram of course. She used tinsel for false lashes, and our heads are definitely cocked to the side trying to figure this one out. Like, it looks cool…ish. But would you do it? 2

Hey man, crocs have been hated very passionately for a very, very long time. Balenciaga mindf*cked us with their platform-heeled collaboration with crocs last year. We feel confused, slightly betrayed and unsure of how to enter this territory. But we’re def seeing more fashion-forward people giving into the comfy space of #CrocsForLife 3Shop: Crocs Coast Navy Blue Clogs, ₹1197

This is a very dad trend. I swear, fashion just takes a trend and leaves absolutely no stone unturned, even placing some of their own rocks here and there. The keychain hooked on your belt loop is so…. convenient but SO dad. 4Shop: Hamleys Diecast Taxi Keyring, ₹249

We seen big boots and big wedged heels. What we don’t understand is why we’ve been seeing the Hummer of footwear. These heavy duty boots feature not just a high ankle on most occasions, but thick platform heels that are usually finished with a sole similar to that of creepers. We don’t mind this one tho, but it just feels like extra baggage we don’t need tbh. 5 (1)Shop: Hand Walk Black Boots, ₹1200

So down with this trend. Bathleisure is the phenomena of basically taking your ‘getting-ready outfit’ to the streets. We saw Ms. Ora in a bathrobe and a towel turban on the red carpet, but we’re probably just not going to go that far ever (lol). What’s more doable is a robe, that can be switched out for your kimonos and shrugs! 6Shop: Dorothy Perkins Blue Embellished Robe, ₹2233

Thanks, Pantone. We totally need a vague description of a colour to kick off 2018. But Ultraviolet, you’re it. We’re ready for a UV tsunami, at least in the beginning of the year, might as well start with a lipstick of a similar shade! 7Shop: Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Vibrant Violet,  ₹432