8 months ago | BY Ruhi Baweja

Work to Werq Blazers 

Let’s not even try to deny that blazers are a big part of the foundation of menswear fashion- if worn properly, a crisp blazer is equally fitting for a boardroom or a club. The Juice has assembled an easy-to-read manual on how to nail the blazer life this fall. From classics to current and crisp to breezy, we have ‘em all!

The classic well-tailored suit can take you a long way, whether it’s during a presentation at work or post-work drinks with the lads (minus the tie of course) (and top two buttons undone).5Shop: Park Avenue Navy Blue Solid Slim Fit Blazer, 4200

Or switching it up with a printed shirt every once and a while doesn’t hurt either! 8Shop: Blackberrys Black Solid Blazer, ₹4498

Trust this floral printed blazer to be your statement piece paired with a plain black shirt and trousers, and for just a little extra oomph throw on a pair of leather brogues. 6Shop: Blackberrys Grey Printed Slim Fit Blazer, ₹4000

Somewhere in the middle of the blazer-trench spectrum, this beige blazer will unquestionably set you apart in a crowd. It doesn’t shy away from being besties with your denim or formal trousers. 3Shop: Shaftesbury London Beige Solid Blazer, 4000

Or you could go with this navy blue blazer that’s just a little more exclusive to your formal shirts and trousers. 10Shop: Shaftesbury London Navy Blue Solid Blazer, 4000

Okay let’s not play around, you know that your wardrobe is incomplete without a perfectly tailored grey blazer. This checkered blazer from Park Avenue hits all the right spots. 9Shop: Park Avenue Grey Checked Slim Fit Blazers, ₹4250

When you’re confused between going for a quilted jacket and a blazer, BOOM! This hybrid from Blackberrys is here to answer all your prayers. 7Shop: Blackberrys Grey Slim Fit Blazer, ₹3498

The perfect transitional piece not just from summer to autumn but also from day to night… you know, #WorkToWerq1Shop: Jack & Jones Navy Blue Striped Slim Fit Blazer, ₹5999

If you really want to stick out you could go for this checked blazer, paired with muted colours to set it off. 4Shop: Park Avenue Blue Checked Slim Fit Jackets & Blazers, ₹4000

Want to be the easy-breezy dude? This beige blazer from Ether might just be the perfect pick- it give you allowance for all sorts of combinations, from printed pants to bright colours, you can go all out! 2Shop: Ether Beige Solid Regular Fit Blazer, 2160