9 months ago | BY Jahnavi Prasad

The great beauty substitutes

The word sugar bounces our brains with visuals of donuts, honeycomb, candies, ice creams and what not and we all know it when consumed in moderation, it won’t do harm. WRONG.

Those obvious choices aren’t the only ones loaded with sugar—glasses of red, cereals, tonic water, sauces, dressing and even some grains have the sweetener in them.  Such a bummer! What’s even more shocking is that World Health Organization recommends no more than twenty-five grams of sugar per day—one granola bar covers for a days’ sugar potion. Yikes.

While there are a lot of healthy changes you need to make, there are better ways to substitute the sugar rush—within your beauty arsenal.

 1. If you’re craving honey glazed cake, then quickly reach your honey baed day cream and watch the craving be addressed instantly.

1Shop: Marks & Spencer Royal Jelly Face Cream 200 Gm, ₹799

2. We are sure your granny must’ve passed on a DIY recipe for a lip sugar scrub. If you’re trying to not heat to the cupboard that sits a pot of sugar, head to the pot of sweetly packaged Cane Sugar Lip Scrub. 2Shop: Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip Scrub 5G, ₹500

3. Lather the sugar on your face and body that won’t add a single calorie to your diet but will definitely add some sparkle to your body.3Shop: Vana Vidhi Lovely Lavender Sugar Scrub, ₹1599

4. For weekly indulgences, invest in a body polisher that’s sweet and sour. 4Shop: Forest Essentials Body Polisher Cane Sugar & Tamarind 300 Gms + (Herb Infused Oil- 50 Ml Free), ₹2750

5. For your daily dosage, start right in the morning by feeding your body some sweets and care.5Shop: Kama Ayurveda Sugar & Tamarind Ayurvedic Deep Cleansing Soap, ₹470

6. While you are at your weekly indulgences, treat your face too. HTT sugarrrlllyyy.6Shop: Forest Essentials Madhulika Nourishing Honey Lep 50 Gm, ₹1750

7. Bathing rituals aside, here’s some candied nourisher.7Shop: Living Nature Nourishing Day Crme with Manuka Honey and Totara Extract, ₹3900