2 months ago | BY Huma Hazarika Sharma

Dress according to your stars in 2019


A new year, a new you! Revamping one’s wardrobe probably tops the list for most of us come the New Year, and out come the lists of endless “must-haves” our closets have just got to have! So, we decided to make the task simpler by decoding the year’s biggest staples according to your zodiac! We are sure Jap decluttering guru, Marie Kondo would totes approve!
Low-key, creative & cool, you pair even the simplest of things in the most avant-garde way. A whiz at reinventing your look, your whacky reimagination of everything from simple hoodies to jeans, coats and jackets into fun, quirky versions, is just so you!
You value comfort, yet you always make a statement because you love dressing up. Not overtly contrived, you manage grabbing eyeballs even when you’re dressed down. You’re all about easy dressing – clothes that are comfortable, yet daring. Snug racer jackets and tanks+low-waisted pants – you get our drift, no?
You love mixing it up, and can dress up or down with ease. It all depends on how you’re feeling really. Part-subtle, part-dramatic, you’re all about voluminous-sleeved shirts, pleated pencil skirts, pinstripe pencil pants with deep cuffs, and linen coats, rounded-off with an oversized button here, a geometric block heel there. You know the drill!
You’re all about classic, well-tailored, feminine clothes in subdued tones, Cancer. You swear by everything from strong tailored pieces to flowing dresses. All while furthering the spirit of womanhood with strong statement-sporting logos emblazoned on them.
Exuberant and colourful, you go for the kill when you dress up. Flamboyant as hell, risque and OTT is your trademark style. Bomber jackets with sleeves that can be zipped off and back, to contorted tracksuits and suits, and shirts with sleeves hanging off the arms, you live by ‘bold is beautiful’.
Ladylike and functional, you lean towards beautiful pieces that spell sexy, and are yet demure and all grown-up. You effortlessly mix up feminine pastels with fun accessories, and we couldn’t think of anything better than tailored separates pulled together with the coolest accessories for you ‘cos you know you are all about them.
Just like your personality, mixing and matching is second nature to you, as you go from androgyny to girly with equal ease. High-waisted pants to jackets creatively spliced in places, or oversized, your bold choice of colours are reflected in everything from slogan tees to dresses and pants. Cool and spunky, with its fair share of sophisticated pieces, your wardrobe touches both ends of the spectrum, much like you Libra!
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Polished and sophisticated, with a signature style that you stick to, your outfits are both refined and edgy. No wonder then that simple, stylish pieces that are also out there, are just what the style doctors prescribed for you, Scorpio! A pair of cool sunnies, heels or a fun bag are all you need to do your thing!
All about the prints, you dress to dazzle, yet don’t stress over it too much. You love experimenting with vibrant prints and textiles that are immaculately crafted, yet feminine, and are all about dresses, trousers and tops made of the most luxe fabrics like velvet and silk.
You have mastered the art of throwing in a lil experimental twist to your outfits, and you love to dress up, while keeping it classic. Crisp cotton tunics, babydoll dresses, wide-legged pants, A-line miniskirts, and faux fur gilets jackets are prominent features in your closet.
Kitschy and experimental, you dress to impress, but only yourself. You love mixing up textures, colours and silhouettes. You’re all about you, and don’t give two hoots about what’s trending. Well-tailored, fun emoji-inspired and kitschy printed tops, skirts and shoes are absolutely perfect for you, Aquarius!
Soft, feminine pieces that channel a sexy hippy – the Pisces aesthetic is absolutely effortless. You love your boho dresses and skirts, yes, but you’re also about corduroy mini dresses worn as tunics over satin pants – easy-breezy, but super fun.