8 months ago | BY Ruhi Baweja

12 shoes to build your fall wardrobe 

What do we not do for shoes? We plan our outfits around ‘em, we stand in line for hours to cop ‘em, we spend half our income on ‘em. Shoes literally create the bedrock of your outfit and with the right pair, a girl can take over the world.

Here’s a list of feet candy we’re living for RN

These maroon tie-up sandals are quite perfect for your ‘slip-on’ state of mind. Slip on a skater dress, and these sandals and you’re ready to go! 1Shop: Jove Maroon Sandals, ₹1485

Speaking of slip-on, these ones might require more thought and a little bit of a formal affair. Maybe a meeting with the high-ups at work? They’re your perfect semi-formal pair that’ll take you from work to a bar. 2Shop: Steve Madden Snappp Black Sandals, ₹2450

These casual sneakers blocked with a modish print are perfect to give the illusion of 2 extra inches! Pair ‘em vertical striped and boom! You’re magically, like, 10 feet tall! 3Shop: Get Glamr White Casual Sneakers, ₹1125

We’re not sure if it’s the pointed tip, blocked heels or the laser cut design that has grabbed our attention. But that’s exactly what makes this pair so versatile! Paired with formal trousers, a skirt or even a dress!4Shop: Dressberry Laser Cut Brown Belly Shoes, ₹1500

Are you noticing a pattern? These babies are perfect to slip into when you need to run out for a quick errand. But also when you’re going to a bar and can’t be bothered to wear heels! 5Shop: Valentino Silver Metallic Sandals, ₹1449

These kolapuris will bring a riot of colors to your daily ethnic outfit with the uber cute pom-pom detailing. Don’t restrict this pair to just your sanskaari days though, try pairing ‘em with your denim as well! 6Shop: N-Gal Multicoloured Sandals, ₹720

Channel the cone-heel vibe throughout your outfit with pencil skirts and sleek accessories, and maybe even a slicked back hairstyle. 7Shop: Next Mauve Leather Cone Heel Courts Belly Shoes, ₹3773

Picture this- XXL hoops, a top-knot, a loose fitting shirt with large sleeves tucked into above-ankle skinny jeans and THESE OLIVE HEELS. Bless ya’ll. 8Shop: Flat n Heels Olive Stilettos, ₹1800

Respect these heels by only pairing them with plain clothes- an LBD comes to mind. 9Shop: MFT Couture Black Stilettos, ₹1430

Ruffles on heels!? Make sure you pair these with bottoms that don’t overshadow the ruffles- think cuffed and cropped hems. 10Shop: Next Ruffle Sandals, ₹3017

An important element of your all-black outfit- let the brown sole be your only accent. 11Shop: Lovely Chick Black Casual Sneakers, ₹1430

When your dreams to glow in the dark come true- neon sneakers from Kook n Keech come through! 12Shop: Kook N Keech Green Casual Sneakers, ₹1000