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The Leo Birthday Edit

Dates: July 24th – August 23rd
Element: Fire
Birth Stone: Peridot
Famous Leos: Barack Obama, Jennifer Lopez

1. They are natural protectors. Their loved ones will often see them as superheroes always coming to the rescue when in need #KnightsInShiningArmour

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2. Leos are no stranger to popularity. Even as shy kids, they always have a squad.

These kids always have their going-out wardrobe sorted #JustLikeTheCoolKids

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3. As social as they are, they do need their private time after a couple of days of socializing, so they can re-gather their energy. Pyjamas are a Leos go-to buy #SoloNetflixFTW

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4. If you wanna be tight with a Leo, you gotta “vibe” with them. Leos are all about that vibe, and they gotta hone it – at spas, or a makeshift home spa on a weekend #BreatheInBreatheOut

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5. If you’ve fallen for a Leo, chances are that its because of that damned kiss. They know they’re good, and ensure that they’re always ready to #PuckerUp

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