3 weeks ago | BY Huma Hazarika Sharma

The most OMG-worthy moments!

Well, let’s be honest, the Oscars ain’t no Grammy’s when it comes to serious #memeworthymoments, but it’s still super rad considering it’s only the biggest awards show, with all the biggest stars out in full blast. We loved every bit of it, from the gorjus outfits to the unpredictable race for ‘Best Picture‘ that had us biting our nails, and that it was the first time it went sans a host since 1989, and it was effin’ insane thanks to that cray opening act by #OGs Queen and Adam Lambert.

Yaaas, Lady G channelling ‘ol school beaut Audrey Hepburn in a look straight outta ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s‘ was one of our favs of the night, while Charlize Theron rocked out a demure floor-sweeping gown with a layered string of pearls, and J.Lo’s #stylecred just rose a million times up thanks to that shiney a** dress.

Among 2019’s biggest colour twinnin’ trends, the pink and red combo was given a whole new meaning with scores of gorjus pink gowns being fabulous standouts against the jarring red in the backdrop. Take a bow Gemma Chan, Sarah Paulson & Kacey Musgraves.


holding1The Red Carpet sparkled with one fab glittering outfit after the other, with Oscar winners Emma Stone & Brie Larson+Awkwafina strikin’ a pose in their blingiest best.

Lady G & Bradley Cooper’s soulful rendition of ‘Shallow’ (which won ‘Best Original Song’) blew the crowd away, and had a meme-a-plenty talking ’bout the insane chemistry between the two leading stars of 2018’s breakout hit, ‘A Star Is Born‘.#THEGENDERBENDERS
Yup, and we were all pleasantly surprised by the men taking the lead when it came to bending genders through their clothes. While Billy Porter made a real statement through his tux-meets-billowing skirt, Chadwick Boseman looked dapper in a shimmering blazer with a floor-length tail. ‘Blackkklansman‘ Director Spike Lee was visibly upset over his losing out the Best Picture win to a fairly outdated ‘Green Book‘, and we could totally relate, but his appearance on several ‘Best-dressed’ lists would be some solace, if any. And, Jason Momoa’s suit, though a tad dowdy, had our vote if only for it’s brave colour and that scrunchie ’round his wrist.

The India-connect this year went far beyond homegirl PC, as Period. End of Sentence broke the decades-old Oscar curse Indian films seemed to be encountering each year, and brought home the ‘Best Documentary Short’ award home.

While ‘Black Panther‘ became the first Marvel comic to ever win an Oscar, Ruth E. Wilson made history by becoming the first female Black winner, and we were stoked #aboutdamntime

Any chance anyone gets to jump onto the #makefunofTrump bandwagon, they take, and the fact that the Oscars stage did look quite a bit like his toupee, erm, we mean his hair, had internet trolls the world-over rejoice. And, while we did love Kacey Musgraves and Lisa Cardellini’s lewks for the night, the naysayers couldn’t help but refrain from drawing comparisons with a loofah, and we guess we could somewhat see it.