8 months ago | BY Kriti Asthana

Things you didn’t know existed but need ASAP

It started as a fling. We just wanted to experiment a li’l bit. Cut to 6 months later and we CANNOT live without these “secret ingredients” that help us to be #FLAWLESS all day, err day. Think of them as tools to enhance your makeup.

The Juice brings you beauty discoveries that are sure to become a staple in your arsenal.

SHADE ADJUSTING DROPS1Shop: Australis Match Maker Shade Adjusting Drops Light, ₹1450; Australis Match Maker Shade Adjusting Drops Dark, ₹1450

They were originally designed to “fix” your foundation/ concealers. Too light? Add a teensy bit of the dark drops, and vice versa if it’s too dark.

Other uses of this #HappinessInAJar include
  Mixing it with your moisturizer to get tinted moisturiser #DIYBBCream
  Using the dark drops to contour (1 drop goes a loooong way) and the light ones to highlight.

MATTIFYING LIP BASE4Shop: Australis Matte Me Lipstick Mattifying Base, ₹850

In case you’ve avoided all social contact for the past 2 years, you know that matte lipsticks have taken over our lives, and how!

But what about the hordes of glossy expensive lipstick you’ve amassed? Yes, there’s the hack of applying compact over your glossy lipstick to make it matte, but that process is messy, and frankly not practical if you gotta reapply.

Just use this over your balm and under your lipstick to make any lipstick matte, and longer-lasting. 

OVAL BRUSHES3Shop: FOOLZY Set of 5 Oval Make Up Brushes, ₹700

Thank you beauty companies for sending us this blessed product. If you got 2 left-feet with blending, these brushes are a godsend. And it makes contouring, the calcuclus module of makeup easy! There’s a size for every part of your face, and the mix of natural and synthetic bristles blends powder and cream products. 

EYESHADOW PRIMER5Shop: L.A Girl Hd Pro Primer Eyeshadow Stick – Nude, ₹495

You know when you try on eyeshadow at the store and it looks amazing on your hand but when you finally apply it on your big night out, the colour just doesn’t seem to translate. That’s why you need an eyeshadow primer. It’ll make the colour pop, and prevent product from creasing and make it last longer. Are you sold yet?

METALLIC LIQUID LIPSTICK2Shop: La Girl Metal Liquid Lipstick -Bronzed, ₹675; La Girl Metal Liquid Lipstick – Clash, ₹675; La Girl Metal Liquid Lipstick – Molten, ₹675; La Girl Metal Liquid Lipstick – Lustrous, ₹675; La Girl Metal Liquid Lipstick – Flashy, ₹675

Liquid lipsticks last longer, there’s precision of application, and they are way more pigmented than stick ones. Thanks to the resurrection of ‘80s disco, metal is everywhere – metallic chrome nails, platinum hair, metallic dresses, eyeshadow – and now lips. If you’ve been using eye shadow to apply your metallic lippy, we would like to extend our invitation to you to join us in 2017. We got metallic liquid lipstick!