10 months ago | BY Ruhi Baweja

Beauty Queenin’ Down the red carpet 

It’s quite the up-and-down journey watching the red carpet segment of any award show. Everything is so fast and loud- the frills, prints, heels, hairstyles et al. But there are moments of solace in the middle- when they zoom into a perfectly done face of makeup. Oh, that base is like a glaze, that eyeliner sharp as a knife, those brows on point. That satisfaction alone makes up for a migraine. So here is a list of our fav satisfactory moments;

Olivia Munn1You see that clean base, kinda-strong brows and just the right amount of mascara? That’s how you do the bold lip! 

Vanessa Hudgens10We loved her fire outfit but that red liner flicked to perfection is definitely the showstopper for us. 

Paris Jackson 9Let’s just admit that if she tried talking to any of us we would probably not be able to focus on anything except that teal under eye shade- sorry Paris! 

Amber Rose8You can pull off a classic look every day of every week as long as it’s done well- like Amber Rose well. 

Joan Smalls7Is it just us or are you feeling the Rihanna at the Met Gala vibe too?

Yara Shahidi 6Lets just take a second to appreciate everyone who is blessed enough to pull off the bronzed look. Ya’ll lucky

Katy Perry4Do we see a bit of a cut crease there? Mmh, yeah. 

Lorde 5The personification of minimal (definitely not talking about the outfit) 

Sophie Beem 3Tell me you don’t need balls to pull off fluorescent blue on your face!? 

Demi Lovato 2Smokey eyes can take you from a bar to the red carpet. They can be your best friend, your confidant, your sister. Just make sure you pair it with the right outfit, ‘cuz they can be temperamental sometimes.

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