Shape Up for NYE: 2 Weeks to Go

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Your fitness and beauty regimens are on track and you’ve two weeks to go. Great work! Now, here’s what you need to do: 



Focus on: Keeping calm and carrying on

Eating clean and exercising are just two slices of the pie, there are multiple factors that contribute to looking and feeling good, says Prashanti. Are you getting six to eight hours of sleep, are you drinking enough water, are your stress levels in check? Stop reading and take 10 deep breaths. Remember, the tortoise won the race, not the hare.

Fitness routine: Push yourself

By now you’ve figured out what works for you. Now that you’re comfortable in this routine, get uncomfortable. Push yourself. The more number of muscles you work per training session, the more effective your workouts will be, explains Prashanti. Sandeep recommends, “Add exercises that focus on your weak areas by challenging various muscle groups. Start with lighter weights and higher reps at the beginning of your training session and with each consecutive set go heavier and lower the reps; this way your body will stay in the fat-burning mode even after the workout is over.” If you’re having a good day, make it better by performing five minutes of intensive cardio between each circuit.

Diet mantra: Go for the guts

Getting your gut an army of its own is crucial for maximum nutrient absorption. Probiotics are essentially good bacteria and aid the functioning of our digestive system and the absorption of nutrients after digestion, says Anandini. Our favourite natural sources of probiotics are homemade yogurt, fermented coconut water, idlis and kombucha.

Sample Holding-8meal plan

On waking: Drink a cup of warm water with a slice of lemon, eat up to 8 almonds soaked in water overnight.

Breakfast: 2 whole eggs as you like, with a bowl of steel-cut oats.

Lunch: Green dal dosa with coconut chutney and vegetable stew.

Dinner: Chicken or paneer tikka, with a side of raw vegetables and soup.

Snack on: A handful of raw nuts, homemade yogurt, a piece of raw dark chocolate and hummus.

Drink: Green tea, black coffee, kombucha, fermented coconut water, detox waters like mint- and lime-infused water.

The 101: Forgive yourself for cheating

Holding-13Yeah, we figured that there are a lot of cupcakes and doughnuts being delivered to your office this time of the year, so the question really is, how do you avoid OD’ing? The answer is surprisingly simple: quit stressing. Calmly approach the box of mini-cupcakes on that desk in front of you, take one, have a bite, chew and devour. Now go back to doing what you were doing. Prashanti says, “There’s negligible difference between sticking to a plan 100% and 80% of the time.” Cut yourself some slack and eat that cupcake if you’ve been on Santa’s good list so far.

Get glowing: Try oil pulling

It’s time to detox your skin from within. You’re going to need to start oil pulling, dear reader. Oil pulling, an Ayurvedic technique, involves swishing oil in your mouth on empty stomach and spitting it out when the volume of oil doubles and it turns milky white. Be consistent. I did it every day, 20 minutes each day for two weeks, and there was a visible difference. Start off with cold-pressed coconut oil and once you get used to oil pulling, try the more potent cold-pressed sesame oil.

Just one week to go. Here’s what we have planned for Week 1

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