8 months ago | BY Kriti Asthana

All the under cover deets you gotta know


‘Cuz you don’t wanna be one of those women that go through life in the wrong sized bra. Although we’ve tried to make it really easy for you (we made pairs and everything), please get measured before you start shopping away!

1Shop: Calvin Klein Underwear Grey Printed Bra, ₹1875; Calvin Klein Underwear Black Graphic Panty, ₹1699

run down the stairs in my Calvins and it doesn’t hurt my breasts at all #WIN

2Shop: Next Push Up Strapless Bra, ₹1192; PrettySecrets Prettysecrets Flattering Black Bridal Lacy Hipster, ₹299

You know how when you wear a strapless dress and the twins just don’t hold up, that’s why you need a push up strapless.

3Shop: Zivame Padded Demi Coverage Wired Longline Cage Bra- Beige, ₹1047; Calvin Klein Underwear Beige Solid Panty, ₹1875

Your underwear closet is incomplete without a beige pair. You need it to rock sheer. And since it might be visible, it needs to be sexy! A plain ol’ t-shirt bra just won’t cut it.

4Shop: AMANTE Pink Solid Bra, ₹748; AMANTE Pink Solid Panty, ₹545

Spice up things in the bedroom with some lacy suspenders.5Shop: Viola Sky Yellow Padded Bra, ₹750; Viola Sky Miss Sunshine Suspender, ₹450

‘Cuz pink is in like it’s nobody’s business. Or have you not seen the runways this season?Spice up things in the bedroom with some lacy suspenders.

6Shop: Next Daisy Embroidered Non Wire Bralet, ₹1883; Next Cream Embroidered Brazilian Briefs,  ₹1352

Why not rock this bralet under a blazer? If you’re feeling shy, button it up for some peek-a-boo action.

7Shop: HUNKEMOLLER Off White Padded Solid Bra, ₹1817; HUNKEMOLLER Off White Solid Panty, ₹767

Not everyone is blessed with double Ds, and a little padding never hurt nobody.

8Shop: AMANTE Red Underwired-Padded Bra, ₹748; AMANTE Red Solid Panty, ₹248

For when it’s sexy time – Red and black lace! He (or she) won’t know whether to take it off or keep it on.

9Shop: Calvin Klein Underwear Grey Solid Bra, ₹2475; Calvin Klein Underwear Grey Solid Pant, ₹699

The time of the month calls for attention up there (cuz it gets a little sensitive) and a lot down there.

10Shop: Adidas Halter Blue Sports Bra, ₹2599; Reebok Hero Power Spike Black Sports Bra, ₹2400

For ease of movement and better performance, sports should only be played in sports bras. If you don’t have one already, better stock up.