8 months ago | BY Ruhi Baweja

For when you run out of words 

We’re a lucky lot, us. 

Being at a loss for words is not a roadblock anymore, ‘cuz we’ve been blessed with all kinds of different communication media. 

We’re not talkin’ different apps. We mean emojis, GIFs, stickers, memes… 

Using any of the above in conversation is a totally acceptable way of replying, and we’re totally okay with that. 

Almost every day, there is a crisis or a situation where you want to make a fashion reference. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Have a look! 

When someone is ranting at you about a chipped nail, and you need to tell ‘em to calm their farm without losing your own shit. #WhenYouZen 


When you’re out running errands and run into your crush and 1546 other acquaintances. 


When someone is arguing with you about how sustainable fashion is “impossible to achieve” and you need to shut that person right up. 


When all you need is some attention and you need to package those feelings with a fun GIF. 


When one part of the outfit you’ve been planning every day is in laundry. 

When your dog eats your lipstick. 

When your favourite eyeshadow palette falls and crumbles into oblivion. 

When you drop all the foods on your white dress. 


When your BFF is hanging onto her sanity by a thread only because of an inconsequential fight with her boyfriend… 


When you wake up in the morning after a hectic night out, with one contact lens still in, makeup still on, wearing one of your shoes with your dress only half off of you.