9 months ago | BY Ruhi Baweja

From the truly OTT, Cardi B

Being extra is like a hobby. It’s a passion. It’s the kind of trait that comes naturally, and you can’t help yourself from going OTT all. the. freakin’. time. 

Hold onto your seats, girls, we’re looking at Cardi B today- and she is basically the personification of being extra. 

But we’re going to be toning it down a bit, ‘cuz no matter how extra we are, we will never be Cardi B extra. 

Walkin’ into the party knowing everyone’s going to turn around to look at you ‘cuz, “Is that rainbow glitter or just silver? Are my eyes lying to me?”holding1Shop: Dorothy Perkins Multi Coloured Sequin Dress, ₹2436

When you wanna take it easy but gotta stay extra- throw on a patent leather jacket and fishnet stockings. holding2Shop: Madame Wine Self Pattern Stockings, ₹360; All About You Black Solid Longline Trench Coat, ₹2150; NOTION Black Boots, ₹3999

“Do you even lift, bro?”

No, it’s just my puffer jacket that I choose to wear everywhere. Problem? holding3Shop: JC Collection Blue Washed Shorts, ₹2316; Puma Ferrari Down Red Winter Jackets, ₹9000; Superdry Blue Printed T Shirt, ₹1794

Blow kisses at the haters ‘cuz you don’t care that the silhouette of your dress is a little 2009 and your footwear is basically boot-shaped disco balls. holding4Shop: Truffle Collection Silver Boots, ₹3025; Only Black Embellished Bodycon Dress, ₹1998

You see Cardi B here? She’s demonstrating how being extra is serious business. Cruella d Vil ain’t got nothing on Bacardi. holding5Shop: Next Faux Fur Borg Jacket, ₹5560;  Only Black Solid Blouse , ₹1999; Next Soft Wide Leg Palazzo, ₹3640

You know being extra is not only about wearing elaborate clothes. Your body language and facial expressions need to be aligned with your outfit, otherwise you’d look like mum dressed you.holding6Shop: Kazo Grey Printed Off Shoulder, ₹1796; Truffle Collection Black Boots, ₹4095

XL earrings for XL personalities *Flips Hair*holding7Shop: Voylla Silver Alloy Hoops & Baali, ₹370

You know you’re going to be hot in it, but a fur jacket that has a million colours and basically engulfs you is just the easiest way to stand out from the crowd. holding8Shop: Dorothy Perkins Multicoloured Printed Winter Jacket ₹6790; Valentino Cateyes Sunglasses, ₹4865

Yes, that is, in fact, Cardi B. We know, we took a sec too. But when you got Badgal’s diamond ball to go to, you put on the biggest princess dress you can find and hope people don’t trip over you. holding10Shop: Dorothy Perkins Multicoloured Printed Off Shoulder Dress, ₹3423