8 months ago | BY Ruhi Baweja

Your knights in shining armour

We think you’d agree if we told you that earrings are A SAVING GRACE when it comes to any kind of outfit. They’re versatile and add (more than) a lil sum sum to your look.

Today, we’re looking at the heroes that play double agents in your styling life.

The babes that can be taken from work to all kinds of events.

Whether you’re going to meet a cute boy for a date.3Shop: Accessorize Turquoise Studs, ₹1545

Or if you have to hop over to your BFFs mehendi function.2Shop: Zaveri Pearls Golden/White 100%Zinc Jhumki, ₹373

Wait, did you decide to go with the boho vibes? Don’t worry, they’ll look perfect with your dhoti outfit too!1Shop: Oomph Golden/Black Alloy Hoops & Baali, ₹750

Ugh, the days you wake up from a heavy night and have un-cancellable brunch plan and you have 0 will to actually think about what you want to wear? Gotcha.4Shop: Accessorize Pastel-Multi Long Elaborate Drop, ₹1545

HA! You lost an earring last night, didn’t you? Good thing the single-earring is still a trend!5Shop: Malifionna White Alloy Danglers & Drop, ₹345

On days you’re not ready to part with your daily pair, shift it to your second piercing (if you have one, of course) (or if you’re really invested in this idea, go out and get a second piercing!), and throw on a bigger pair to double up!6Shop: Sia Golden Brass Hoops & Baali, ₹268; Sia Champagne Stud Earrings, ₹1195

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to go shaadi-hopping, one in a church and the other that’s more of an ethnic affair? Funnily enough, we have! And this pair has saved us the trouble of packing something extra!8Shop: Accessorize Black Long Elaborate Drop Earrings, ₹1345