8 months ago | BY Jahnavi Prasad

Get your sexy back

Dear The Juice,

Riri is my idol, and when she dropped the Savage x Fenty lingerie, all I wanted to do is get my hands on them! But it seems there is going to be a wait time for that want and i would like to get the best next options to channel my inner sexy in lingerie that flatters my curvy body which isn’t petite.

So what is it I can get my hands on without it looking like my body is eating ‘em up?

Dear Riri fan,

We feel you and are a hundred percent with you. While we could give you Fenty sneakers, we know you’re looking for savage! Trust us and don’t you dare take a step back on what we’ve got to offer– the sexiest of the lot. And hey, we don’t know any body that eats their own lingerie (if you know what we actually mean!).

Let’s start with the least daring and then raise the bar and we move downwards

A set that contains shorts and strappy top that feels like heaven is your entry way into the sexy feels. We recon you will be wearing them as separates.


Next in line is this sexy bra to give your ta-tas ample support , while revealing the perfect curves


You may be puzzled on how a longer and a more covered one if we may say,  piece of lingerie takes the sexier badge– well, honey it’s about giving the delicate deets like this bralet that irresistible.



Since we are all in awe of all shapes, but you serve you here’s a magical body conturing piece.



Now that you’ve come this far, it’s time to take things seriously– how about a steaming HOT corseted shape-wear?


What are panties if they ain’t sexy enough?



Alrighty, alrighty we head the heat steaming up! Why not make it even hotterrrrr?? A body garnet, shall we?


The Juice