1 month ago | BY Huma Hazarika Sharma

The Dreamers


This is the year when you kick things into gear, Pisces. 2019 is going to be all about turning those endless dreams into reality our equestrian friend.
Holding1Space Cadets lost in their own dreamworld, Pisceans are officially the dreamers of the Zodiac. Lucky for you, the bigger your dreams, the harder you will work to achieve them this year!Holding2You’re all about ‘em good vibes, and are good-natured and kind. You’ll never fall short of friends, and 2019 will kinda help you figure out ‘em real ones from the fair-weathered kinds #FilterYourSquadHolding3Though really nice, you can end up being the dominant ones in partnerships of any kind, and while you would go to any lengths for you love (old or new), they could end up getting miffed just a wee bit about you trying to impose, so do refrain #AllLovedUpholding5You’re talented AF, but end up doubting yourselves sometimes. 2019 is the year you put all your months/years of hard work towards finally achieving that dream, or at least inching closer to ‘em Piscean #WorkHardPlayHardholding4Your rapport with friends, or those of the romantic kind will spike sometime post your birthday, but you’ll have to work at it hard and long to keep it going loves.

holding6You might however find it hard to balance out werk with everything else, and yes we won’t lie to you, it’s going to be hard, but #YouWillSurvive we promise you.

holding7Bad Gal Riri+JB+Millie Bobby Brown = super talented+the super cool kids, who’ve all had cray levels of success. Let ‘em inspire you to channel their success in your own way!