7 months ago | BY Jahnavi Prasad

Your traits are tellers

Dear Libran,

Spotting one of you is so simple and we adore the blue-dominant-wardrobe beings that you are. And it’s even simpler for us to let your #TraitorTraits spill the beans to know exactly what each one of it needs…

Don’t believe us? Read below and tell us if we are wrong

Trait #1
There’s a lot more inside than on the outside
What you need: Something that makes you feel good on the inside like this delicate and lacy bra ladies or fun socks for you men.  1

Trait #2

You sometimes need time to re-charge and all by yourself.

What you need: A pampering session… create a spa like setting in your bathroom and give yourself some TLC. 2

Trait #3

You can take forever to make a decision.

What you need: When in doubt wear black… or a crisp white shirt. You can never go wrong with these.3

Trait #4

Music is often the centre of your existence.

What you need: To make that beat tapping even better with a set of kicka** wireless headset or earphones.4

Trait #5 

There’s a lot of blue in…everything

What you need: We feel you… about (some more) blue shoes? 5

Trait #6

You love elegant and calming prints

What you need: A soft-hued statement piece. Men, we know we did right with that shirt.6