1 month ago | BY Ruhi Baweja

What we wore then vs what we wear now 

Hey, you know how it goes. High school can sometimes be the best place you’ve ever been in, and sometimes, the worst! 

There were all sorts of people in high school and honestly, we’re going to be playing on stereotypes to reminisce about school, and wonder what they’re up to now! 

Remember the nerd of the class? This dude was probably unnecessarily bullied for his glasses and high waisted jeans (exactly what’s on trend right now)… we’re hoping this guy has grown up to be an erratic CEO of a very successful company with an evolved sense of fashion… a checked blazer atop a checked shirt!? #RiskyBusiness 1Shop: Aeropostale Muticoloured Striped Regular Fit Casual Shirt, ₹2499; U.S. Polo Assn. Navy Blue Checked Blazer, ₹3500

Okay, The Juice always secretly roots for the underdogs- and today we’re looking at the “burnouts” 

You know, the backbenchers? The one’s who gave minimum f*cks about their grades and attendance?  Yeah, those guys. #WhyTho 

Some of ‘em grow out of their “rebel without a cause” and “let’s wear all black allllll the time” phase, and make a life for themselves. 2Shop: Superdry Black Solid Regular Fit Round Neck T-Shirt, ₹1014; Mast & Harbour Red Solid Round Neck T-Shirt, ₹250

And some of them never grow out of it, but make a conscious decision to break up the all black with a plaid shirt! 3Shop: Superdry Black Solid Regular Fit Round Neck T-Shirt, ₹1014; Superdry Navy Blue Textured Regular Fit Round Neck T-Shirt, ₹1014

Remember that dude who was always good at everything, like… he’d make you reevaluate your sexuality, even the teacher had a crush on him! He was good at sports, aced all his exams, everyone liked him. Guess what? He’s a lawyer now. Yep, take a second to wipe away that tear. #AllRounder 4Shop: Mast & Harbour Grey Self Pattern Casual Shirt, ₹1000; Next Check Skinny Fit Suit: Blazer, ₹7672

Ah, man. Our fav kinda guy. This guy was the clown of the class, making everyone laugh- even the teachers! Who knows what was actually going through his head, ‘cuz he was forever making people happy! You know what he’s up to now? He’s a stand up comic, of course! (Lucky he didn’t have stage fright!) #MakeUsLol 

And of course, he wears the unofficial uniform for comics- a plaid shirt and denim! 5Shop: Fame Forever By Lifestyle Blue Graphic Regular Fit Round Neck T-Shirt, ₹599; Harvard Navy Blue & Green Regular Fit Checked Casual Shirt, ₹720

Remember the douche of your class? The one who thought he had the entire school wrapped around his stupid little finger? The guy who peaked in school, and thought he didn’t have to work for anything? Well, he got a rude shock when he entered the real world and now he earns minimum wage and still goes through the school yearbook reminiscing about his glory days. 6Shop: Mast & Harbour Black Single-Breasted Casual Blazer, ₹3000; Van Heusen Dark Grey Textured Slim Fit Formal Shirt, ₹1200

Remember that super cool, nice basketball dude? He was amazing at ball but he was just not an asshole at all? Yeah, we all remember that guy, always wearing a jersey to school. 

We’re not sure if he grew up to back to our school and become a coach. #CantDoSoTeach7Shop: Nike Jordan Rise Nba Basketball Black Tank, ₹1187; Nike As Dry Team White Tennis Polo T-Shirt, ₹1795

Or if he got a crazy sports scholarship at one of the best universities, and ended up in the army! Not an #ArmyBrat 8Shop: Nike Jordan Rise Nba Basketball Black Tank, ₹1187; Roadster Olive Printed Regular Fit Round Neck T-Shirt, ₹699

Okay, for this one… you gotta dig real deep. This guy was super quiet. Wasn’t great at too many things, but didn’t suck at anything particularly. He always had different interests and was super into very music no one else knew. He liked staying neutral, and didn’t like attention, so he always wore neutral colours.9Shop: Mast & Harbour Charcoal Grey Solid Round Neck T-Shirt, ₹250; United Colors of BenettonDark Grey Solid Regular Fit Coat, ₹5500

Well, we’re hoping that this dude bloomed like a damn rafflesia (the biggest flower in the world) and didn’t look back! We’re hoping we come across his profile on Instagram and find out that he’s now a big time influencer with a fashion sense that can kill! #SociallyAwkward to #SocialMediaSensation dawning all the street style trends that we read about.