1 year ago | BY Ruhi Baweja

Box it, Trunk it or Brief it

If you’re an adult man, we’re sure by now you know that women have an opinion on everything. And so obviously we also have (many) opinion(s) on your undies- overbearing, we know. But whether you like to box it, trunk it or brief it- here’s a handy guide on what (some) women think of ‘em, and take the stats seriously.

Generally, boxers are preferred by 1/3rd of the women. They find it breezy and will probably infer that you’re a chill dude.You can never go wrong with a set of Plain boxers- they’re simple and if you can play around with colors too. 10 points to the dudes who go for the pastel pink ones.

Of that 1/3rd, most women would go for the boxers with a chilled out print- it’s not too much nor too less.

Heavily Printed boxers are an acquired taste, though.1Shop: Aeropostale Pink Solid Boxer, ₹799; Calvin Klein Underwear Blue Printed Boxer, ₹1200; French Connection Underwear Blue Printed Boxer, ₹899

We’re just going to go out on a limb here and say that trunks (and/or boxer briefs) are probably the ladies’ favourite. They’re tight as your briefs but as long as your boxers. They show off the bum-tum and we’re gonna let you in on a secret, but women prefer that side. Don’t want to give away too much too soon, right?2Shop: French Connection Underwear Dark Grey Solid Trunks, ₹549; Diesel Pack Of 2 Multicoloured Trunks, ₹1645; CR7 Pack Of 2 Navy Blue Solid Trunks, ₹1599

Okay, you know what? Don’t let someone tell you you can’t wear briefs ‘cuz they’re too revealing or tight- that’s their problem. NEVER underestimate what some good branding can do to your ‘tighty whities” (we’re not being derogatory, we promise!). At the end of the day, my dude, you just gotta be comfortable. So if briefs is where it’s at for you, you go for it!3Shop: Calvin Klein Underwear White Brief, ₹1899; French Connection Underwear Pack Of 2 Multicoloured Briefs, ₹549; CR7 Navy Blue Solid Brief, ₹899

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