1 week ago | BY Huma Hazarika Sharma

To all you fierce qweens

Happy Women’s Day y’all – it’s so heartening to see what a long way we’ve all come in the last year, no? We mean, fierce fearless qweens have been ’round for forever ever since Cleopatra and the scores of women before her, and since, but 2018 was a pretty significant year for sistahs everywhere.

#METOO set off a revolution of sorts in 2017, where thousands, if not more, rallied ’round to support women who had been at the receiving end of harassment and fought to get ‘em heard and justice. And, the movement finally reached Indian shores last year with strong women like actress Tanushree Dutta, comedian Mallika Dua and others speaking out publically against their abusers.
#WEDDINGDAZE The myth of actresses kissing their careers goodbye post-marriage was dispelled once and for all thanks to our very own DP and PC tying the knot to the loves of their lives.
The wave of #BODYPOSITIVITY that took over everyone’s social media and more reiterated what we’d already known for forever now, and helped women embrace their size, skin tones, fuzzy arms, legs and face.
India’s first Oscar in decades was brought home by the two kickass Executive Producers of the documentary, #PERIODENDOFASENTENCE Mandakini Kakar & Guneet Monga, and we were thrilled. With one Academy Award juror actually refusing to watch it ‘cos he thought the subject “icky”, this really was the best vindication this largely all-women’s team could have had.
#THENEWQWEENBEE The dating-scape got a makeover with the women-centric Bumble giving Tinder the boot. With women swiping right on who they fancy and making the first move, it’s buh-bye to all ‘em creeps, thank God!
#WEALWAYSKNEWWECOULD but we loved how mainstream ads like the ‘Together we can face anything‘ Olay campaign and ‘Stop saying women can’t’, plus shows like ‘Four More Shots Please’ reiterated this and turned popular anti-feminist sentiments on its head.