1 year ago | BY Huma Hazarika Sharma

A round up of the coolest gym gear under 5k!

Fitness is the new chic, and nothing inspires us to whip our a**** back into shape more than new #SlayWorthy gym gear, for working out in boring sweats is so blah. Take a look at all that we’ve rounded up for you based on your personality (and ours). And fret not about thee price, for it’s all under 5k! #fitnessgoals

Ms. #FitAndFabulous:1Puma Deng Blue Running Shoes, ₹2100
Reebok D Layer Black Training Top, ₹1380
Harvard Peach-Coloured Solid Joggers, ₹750
Total: ₹4230

She won’t be caught dead in anything less than the most stylish gym gear around – expect lots of cut-outs, slogan tees, and the works.

Ms. #GirlyGurl:2Alcis Cross Strap Fuchsia Sports Bra, ₹600
Nike As Flx 2In1 Pink Training Shorts, ₹1098
Puma Blur Idp Pink Running Shoes, ₹2365
Total: ₹4063

Pretty in pink, and all shades complementary – think pastels. She usually flaunts a girly range of fitted tees, tracks, and shoes.

Ms. #FitnessGeek:4Reebok Studio Workout Navy Blue Training Shoes, ₹2160
Alcis Training Violet Indigo Track Jacket, ₹1330
PROLINE ACTIVE Grey Training Tights, ₹899
Total: ₹4389

Super focused on any task at hand, she takes getting fit just as seriously. More at ease in comfy stuff, she’s all about utilitarian chic. #ComfortFirst

Ms. #SocialMediaIsLife:3Nike As Np Black Training Tights, ₹957
Alcis Free-To-Be Yoga Black Sports Bra, ₹630
Nike Downshifter 7 Red Running Shoes, ₹2597
Total: ₹4184

She loves talking, and her absolute fav in this world is, well her! Be it the lowdown on all the shows trending on Netflix, or who married whom, she got the tea on everybody & everything!