1 month ago | BY Huma Hazarika Sharma


You either loved him, hated his guts, or just thought him a privileged prick, but there was no ignoring the significance of Karl Lagerfeld ever-since he first appeared on the fashion scene. A visionary way ahead of his time, Lagerfeld’s eye-grabbing designs against the backdrop of his controversial remarks and ingenious marketing of himself, his cat Choupette, and every brand he snatched out of the fringe of obscurity and took straight to the top, there was no stopping him #OGOfEverythingStyle

holding1When Karl Lagerfeld first took over the reigns at Chanel back in 1983, Chanel had outlived its’ ‘ol days of glory, and had nearly reached its end as a brand that was once iconic. Chanel post-Lagerfeld was born anew, as he took Mademoiselle Chanel’s original more demure version of a classic and reinvented it, and the #LBD as never the same again.

holding2A master of accessories, Lagerfeld gave us the ever-iconic pearls that every cool girl since Circa 1990s would practically kill for, and it’s still going.

holding4Way before social media became a thing, Lagerfeld orchestrated larger-than-life runway shows that were set to get the paps clicking, and tongues wagging. No one knew how to tap into pop culture and use it effectively the way he did #TheSocialMediaBaller

holding8He famously dropped a ton of weight after switching to Diet Coke so he could fit into the then Dior Homme Creative Director, Hedi Slimane’s smaller than small clothes.

holding7Ah, last but certainly not the least, Choupette. Possibly the love of his life, and perhaps the world’s most famous feline, his Siamese kitty cat was living in the lap of luxury, and is now supposedly set to inherit a huge chunk of his money #HereKittyKittyKitty