11 months ago | BY Ruhi Baweja

Replace your heels with comfy counterparts 

Hey! If the boys are are getting a reboot, what makes you think we forgot about you girlies? We’re not spoiled, we just want to walk into 2018 with a comfy foot forward, so today we’re gonna show you how to ignore the 3/4- inch taller life and walk with ease.

This style has been on the fringes of the fashion scene for a loooong time. So we’re going to give it one true chance, and hope it works out for us! 1Shop: Steve Madden Gypsie Beige Fringes Ankle Length Boots, ₹3000

Going further into some detailing action with boots, this pair with a little ruffle is perfect for the minimalist! 10Shop: Dorothy Perkins Magnolia Frill Brown Ankle Length Boots, ₹1895

Or if a classic black pair is where you’re at, try your hand at a dual-fabric pair. This leather-suede pairing has fallen straight from heaven! 9Shop: Next Leather Water Resistant Long Boots, ₹10552

Casual sneakers are your forever go-to. When closed shoes are necessary, getting into complicated shoes can be a bit annoying. 

Go for black espadrilles with a fun sole.6Shop: Steve Madden Prioriti Black Metallic Espadrille Lifestyle Shoes, ₹3500

Or if you need a bit of embellishment always, this peach pair should do the trick! 2Shop: Steve Madden Peach Casual Sneakers, ₹3850

Sneakers have found their way to the centre of every rung of fashion- high fashion, street style, everyday wear. It’s insane how many different kinds of sneakers there are that are basically appropriate for all sorts of venues and events. 

Like this velvet pair with a high-top. Pair it with loose denim that have a cropped hem! 4Shop: Steve Madden Eppic Mauve Velvet Casual Sneakers, ₹3900

Or this pair with cute star detailing. With black tights and an oversized knit? Yes! 5Shop: Steve Madden Starstrk Brown Casual Sneakers, ₹3575

These sneakers that are probably right to run in, but can be paired with your power dressing for some glam leisure action! 7Shop: Adidas Ultraboost Pink Running Shoes, ₹16999

When you find a pair of moccasins… or any pair that looks and fits like a dream, don’t be shy to invest in two colours!8Shop: Dorothy Perkins Lotty Maroon Fringes Lifestyle Shoes, ₹1645

3Shop: Dorothy Perkins Lotty Silver Fringe Moccasins, ₹1495