2 months ago | BY Huma Hazarika Sharma

Get Fit & Kickin’ in 2019

Since the much-needed demise of #thinspo, self-love & #fitspiration have pretty much been everywhere. People are beginning to care less ’bout what the world thinks and are embracing their bodies, mind and soul with all ‘em curves, and anxiety and depression are no longer #taboo. You could be voluptuous as hell, but with badass abs, or lean, but with jugs that could give any body-builder a run for their money. And thankfully the gym is no longer the solution to every weight-woe, and there are a zillion and one ways one can get fit, right from yoga on a surfboard to running barefoot through the city. We’ve found us 5 delightfully fit folks from ’round the globe, who’ll inspire you to get fit & kickin’ whichever way tickles your fancy.


Aussie Kayla Itsines is among the most popular fitness gurus out there right now. Her 12-week Bikini Body Guides (BBG) will give you a beach bod worth the 28-minute ‘sweat’outs that you can download on her app ‘SWEAT’. She’s currently expecting baby no. 1 with fiance and business partner, Tobi Pearce, and her current tutorials (as you guessed it) are all about staying healthy through your pregnancy with the right mix of exercises.

Our very own desi Nivedita Samanta has been running marathons for a while now, and is an Adidas Running athlete and ambassador based in Gurgaon. She quit her corporate job to pursue running full-time, and founded FitRabbits, an online platform that guides you on how to get fit by balancing the right nutrition with exercise.
Mum to two adorable kids, Arizona-based Ashley Wiseman pumps up new mums, and old, to get fit and cracking and not let something as joyous as kids have the opposite effect on them. Having grappled with eating disorders, depression and anxiety through her late teens and most of her 20s, Wiseman is pretty much the poster-child for giving depression the boot with the right combination of exercise and self-care.

Pretty much the OG of marathon running to the Instagram generation in India, former-model and actor, Milind Soman has been spearheading healthy living through a combination of running and yoga, all while barefoot. And, what we love more than his smoldering good looks (even at 40-something), is the fact that he’s always supported social causes, especially breast cancer, and in fact run in support of it.
Born Swede, current New Yorker, Rachel Brathan is a yoga instructor and author of ‘Yoga Girl’, which is also what her account on the ‘gram goes by. A vegan who apparently never loses her cool, Brathan believes in a combination of mindfulness+yoga, practiced in a group, rather than solo, as according to her it helps channel the combined positive energy in the room and helps spread it around.