11 months ago | BY Jahnavi Prasad

And their style benefits

It’s been long, long, long fourteen years since this classic sitcom ended after entertaining us endlessly for a decade. But for us it’s eternal. If we need some binge watching—FRIENDS is it, if we want #FriendsipGoals—FRIENDS is it, if we want some 90s insp—FRIENDs IS IT!

So you thought Kardashians made cycling shorts cool? Nah eh, Monica Did. And did you notice they had mom jeans figured out way before it became a rage, I mean even Chandler wore them in season 1 and 2.

What else? Scroll down for the key things each friend made cool way before time and stands true till date…

Rachel Green

1It isn’t easy to be not being glued to Rachel’s strappy dresses or really short skorts. She was the rich spoilt brat who came around who finally wanted to make her own money (to shop). So it’s kind of obvious she had a statement look too—it was her turtlenecks—with sleeves, without sleeves, pop colours, dull colours, in the summer and in the winter. She made the balance—covered on top, and minis on the bottom.


Chandler Bing


Mr. Bing officially welcomed lurid patterns as a style repertoire – the kind you’d usually see on old people’s curtains with his uber cool, statement-making ties. You might skip his XL shoulders (by mistake) but we are sure his neckties won’t go unnoticed.


Dr. Ross Geller


Besides providing us with some comic relief, Dr. Geller did take his profession seriously (not) and therefore his dressing too. His classic jumpers defines him when he isn’t being so professional which would consist of a white coat and a stethoscope.


Monica Geller


Monica is the official promoter of crop tops not Gigi Hadid. Or even cycling shorts as mentioned above. Go on show off that finely sculpted midriff


Phoebe Buffay


She let her freak flag fly high! And we loved she did so… but the thing we loved even more is that she was the only one who really did care about her hair (it’s a girl thing, ok!). She has given us styles that can last a year for sure. Here we come 90s coiffures!



Joey Tribbiani


Traditional career paths aren’t for everyone or even traditional clothing isn’t—the thing about Joey is he never took anything seriously not even dressing. We can’t think of a more appropriate term but buffoon for him, but in a loving way. So go on channel his inner jester with cloths that are truly fun.