9 months ago | BY Ruhi Baweja

‘Cuz there’s no escaping it 

Rejoice, lads. Today we’re all about letting the greys, blues and blacks take over out outfits. We can try adding colour to our wardrobe all season, but this dull colour palette will creep up on us every now and then. 

We about to serve you with some looks that are gonna make this creepin’ worth it! 

No, star motifs are not only with the girls. Throw on this sweater on top of your grey chinos, and let the simplicity of the entire outfit do it’s thing #LessIsMore

1Shop: John Players Navy Blue Printed Slim Fit Round Neck Sweaters, ₹900; Breakbounce Grey Solid Slim Fit Chinos, ₹1080

You know what else would look bomb with grey chinos? This obviously quilted blue jacket, but make sure it’s not baggy, and if the shoulders droop- it should be done well! #DoItRight 

2Shop: Camla Navy Blue Textured Quilted Jacket, ₹1395; Parx Grey Textured Slim Fit Chinos, ₹1800

You never really go wrong with a classic checked shirt, can you? What better than to honour it with your best denim? #GetTheVibeRight 

3Shop: Jack & Jones Black Checked Slim Fit Casual Shirt, ₹1800; Pepe Jeans Navy Blue Washed Mid Rise Regular Fit Jeans (Kingston), ₹1440

Really, are you really going to argue with the black-grey combination active wear? Yeah, we thought as much. #RunBishRun 

4Shop: Reebok Fitness Black Outdoor & Hiking Bomber Jacket, 4599; Jack & Jones Grey Textured Joggers, ₹1540 

Or maybe a solid grey tracksuit, with a colour block will satiate your dull active wear senses. #DontBeABore

5Shop: Monte Carlo Grey Textured Tracksuit, ₹1834

Take your cameo shirt and fit it in the leather jacket space. The colour might be a bore, but the print surely isn’t. 

6Shop: John Players Black Solid Casual Jacket, ₹2700; Blackberrys Grey Printed Slim Fit Casual Shirt, ₹1440

Stripes is definitely not groundbreaking, but it’s varying sizes and layouts sure are. 

Stock up with horizontal stripes and finish ‘em with a winter coat.

7Shop: Tommy Hilfiger Navy Blue Striped Slim Fit Casual Shirt, ₹2440; Next Funnel Neck Zip Through Long Coat, ₹9354

Or vertical stripes on our fav for today- grey chinos! 

10Shop: Calvin Klein Jeans Navy Blue Striped Regular Fit Casual Shirt, ₹3600; Antony Morato Grey Textured Slim Fit Chinos, ₹4800

A nice tailored black blazer is basically the bedrock of your formalwear. make sure you pick the right one.

8Shop: Next Textured Skinny Fit Suit Blazer, ₹6169

But it’s got nothin’ on your casual blazers, like this grey checked blazer that would look FIRE on your denim. That cropped hem is not there for nothin’ #TakeAdvantage 

9Shop: Peter England Grey Checked Blazer, ₹3000; Moda Rapido Black Solid Slim Fit Jeans, ₹960