7 months ago | BY Huma Hazarika Sharma

The celeb MUA dishes on everything..

Elton Fernandez could be a makeup artist and stand up comic rolled into one with his endless supply of witty repartee. We threw a few quick questions his way rapidfire-style and he pretty much had us in stitches. Read on to find out what we mean…

Q. The top 3 things on your fashion bucket list?
Some snazzy thigh-high heeled boots, a rainbow-coloured hairpiece like Nicki Minaj wears in ‘Barbie Dreams‘, and a gorjus outfit put together by a really skilled tailoring-genius of a  designer like our very own LGBTQ-family Wendell Rodricks or a master of design and innovantive art like Iris Van Herpen.
Q. The top 3 trips on your bucket list?
I’d love to go to the Bahamas, Seychelles and Kruger National Park.

Q. The absolute best music gig/festival you’ve ever been to?
You’ll think it strange but I’ve only ever been to Magnetic Fields in Rajasthan, and it was fantastic. But I realise that heavy crowds of ragers give me anxiety… So I’d much rather be home nestled in my solitude.

Q. What’s the absolute most bizarre:

-Makeup or hair trend you’ve ever tried?
I had my own lips filled with Juvederm filler once – just for kicks – it was hilarious ‘cuz my assistant asked me the next morning if I’d been stung by bees hahaha. I had them reversed asap and laughed about it.

-Makeup or hair trend you will never try in a million years?
Squiggly brows and that silly doughnut forehead.

-Place you’ve ever been to?
Varanasi lol. For all our spiritual uptightness, we have much to learn from the city from a hygiene and decorum perspective.

-Food you’ve ever eaten?
Men. They tend to act peculiar once they know you’re keen.


-Work assignment?
An actor who’s name begins with an S – she would dictate which brush and which eyeshadow I should use, and how to do my job. Not fun at all. Maybe she should have been a makeup artist instead ‘cuz acting clearly wasn’t in her best interests.

Q. Your biggest fashion faux pas ever?
Too many to write down. With age comes wisdom thankfully.

Q. The craziest makeup/hair hack that you tried and that actually worked well.
Hairspray on the soles of shoes or heels before stomping down a freshly glazed runway helps maintain grip.

Q. What’s on your current playlist?
Al green


Q. How would you describe yourself to someone from a place far far away with no idea of who you are?
I’m a career-oriented queer man that values respect, dignity, wit and emotional intelligence above all else. I do not take myself too seriously and I do not have time for people or things that do not support a healthy state of being.

Q. Now that the bridal season is almost upon us, what are the key trends for hair & makeup?
Just do what makes your heart sing. Different strokes for different folks. Mascara and lipstick make for smart allies.

Q. Fall 2018-19 trend you can’t wait to try out, and that you would recommend to everyone?
Rainbow hair for the win!



Q. How important is it for someone wanting to pursue makeup as a profession to get a formal degree, or can experience alone help them along the way as well?
It’s not a pre-requisite but it might help if they don’t seem to take to it naturally like some artists do.

Q. What’s the simplest way to primp up one’s skin/hair?
Feel loved, happy and purposeful.

Q. Your absolute favourite person to work with?
Aditi Rao Hydari because she’s been a genuine friend and confidant to me, because our aesthetics are aligned, and because we look out for each other’s wellbeing and the wellbeing of each other’s careers.



Q. Bombay or Delhi? 
Bombay because it’s home.
Q. Delhi V/S Bombay in terms of:

-Street Style
Delhi because the climate allows for more experimentation and expression.
-The people
Bombay because we’re more chilled out, and place more importance on hard manual work than looking expensive or lush.
Bombay because it’s where the industry really is.

Q. The very basic makeup a girl should own?
Mascara, lip & cheek stain, a lash curler, concealer, bronzer and moisturiser.

Q. What’s been your most expensive purchase ever?
My vintage Dior suitcases that I won on my first ever eBay auction. I hadta fly them down to India and that was just an unplanned expense lol.


Q. Words of wisdom for aspiring makeup artists?
Just enjoy what you do and do it with heart and your own mind. Beauty rules are for stupid people. Exercise common sense. Be respectful and courteous but not at the cost of your own self-respect or dignity. Never worship celebrity. They need you more than you need them. Have long-term career goals and do not let money be your driving force.

Q. Given that the colonial Section 377 was finally repealed, what went through your mind the exact moment you heard the news? 
It’s too long a conversation to be had. I refuse to limit this to just a few words. But I felt at peace, and happy for young LGBTQ+ people of India that won’t have to swallow discrimination and prejudice like those before them.

Q. What would be your advise to those still struggling to come to terms with their sexuality and just accepting themselves with all their body image, and myriad other issues?
Never stop fighting and rallying because silence is complicit and wins no wars.