Editor’s Picks August

4 months ago | BY Ruhi Baweja

We heart it, you cart it. 

Do you know the feeling when you come across something amazing and you get an urge to share it with your best friend, or on your Facebook feed? We’ve been feeling like that for a while and couldn’t help but share a few throwback faves that are slowly establishing themselves in our daily lives. 


A half moon manicure for when you want to channel your inner vintage glam babe, just ask Beyoncè.1Shop: Colorbar,Cnl044 Candy Romance Luxe Nail Lacquer, ₹250; Deborah Milano, 57 Cinnamon Suede Gel Effect Nail Enamel, ₹395


August is probably the best time to visit heaven on earth AKA Kodaikanal. The humidity isn’t suffocating and the everything’s bloomin’. If you want to take full advantage of the lush blanket of green, you can draw inspiration from Amir Khan (from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar) and bike your way to a waterfall!8

Mirror Mirror On The?

If you have to put something on your face, it might as well by mirrored sunnies.2Shop: 6By6, Round Sunglasses, ₹510; Danny Daze, Aviator Sunglasses, ₹800Ray Ban, Round Sunglasses, ₹9290


You know it’s going down in the books when you start shimmying to a song 14 years after its release. #ShookethLikeAPolaroidPicture 7


For the dudes who are still uncomfortable with man-totes (I don’t even know why)- if you have to carry a backpack at least pick a good one!  3Shop: Superdry, Real Montana Bistro Green Backpack, ₹3493; Superdry, Roadwork Double Strap Black Backpack, ₹4193


Even though Freaks and Geeks aired just one season, it has to be one of the best period teen dramas in the last twenty years. After all it was the beginning of one of the cutest bromances ever- James Franco and Seth Rogan. 6


Oh we heard you liked layering? Take your basic tankini and throw it on a basic t-shirt and BOOM! Nothin’s basic anymore. 4Shop: Dressberry, Off White Solid T Shirt, ₹400; Next, Pink Stud T-Shirt, ₹1493; All About You from Deepika Padukone, Mustard Yellow Solid Strappy Top, ₹700; Next, Suedette Cami,₹2177

Alky Baby

Put your Mojito down, ‘cuz I have found you a 10x better alternative. Caipirinha is Brazil’s national drink and it’s main spirit is Cachaça (a close cousin of white rum). It’s sweet and savoury and will 100% make you forget about (or make you call) your ex.8

Cuff It Up 

Every time we see a man dressed sharply with cuff links we go, “That guy respects this event”. It’s an absolute shame that cuff link sightings are few and far. So we urge you, men, to make the slightest bit more of an effort and just link those damn cuffs. 5Shop: The Jewelbox, Black Cufflinks, ₹495; The Jewelbox, Black Cufflinks, ₹495

Full What? 

Danny Tanner could easily write a novel on “How to Smother Your Children 101” (and also love them unconditionally and be the best dad ever).9

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