7 months ago | BY Ruhi Baweja

We heart it, you cart it 

Everyone has had a point in their lives when their music playlists are as scattered as the bits from a stand-up comic’s first time on stage. 

Organising your music is as important as organising any other part of your life, like your desk, you know? Like, we all know how productive we are with the right music on. We don’t just #DressForTheOccasion, we #PlaylistForTheOccasion.

So today, we’re going to set a base for you for all kinds of playlists you may need in your life. We’ll give a song for all occasions, and you can build from there.


All Due Respect by Run The Jewels 

A beat for the testosterone to follow when the lads are preparing for a night out


Me & My Girls by Selena Gomez  

A bop for the gals for their. 3-hour getting ready sesh (the best part of going out is when you’re getting ready with your girls, amirite?)


Independent Women by Destiny’s Child

Or when you’re by yourself getting your glam on. Not sure if the red spandex is inspiring us too much- but that blinding lip gloss, tho.


Glitter and Gold by Barns Courtney 

You may or may not like The Team’s new fav show- Safe - but you can’t ignore the opening soundtrack. It will make you want to learn the lyrics by heart so you can sing along. (Also while cryin’ cuz we can’t whip out our leather jackets in this weather)


Feel That Show by The George Kaplan Conspiracy 

The low-key part of the night, when no one is particularly wasted or hype. After you’ve started drinking, just before you get wasted, there’s a brief period when everything feels like it’s being presented to you with the slightest sway? Yep, that’s when you listen to music like Feel That Show, and feel all the tempos TGKC has brought with it.


Chasing Shadows by Anoushka Shankar

Tell us how important it is to zone in when you’re trying to study for an exam or if you need to get something done at work. You need something to help you zone in, but not distract you with lyrics. Enter- Anoushka Shankar and her :O sitar skills.


You by 11:11

One of the most important times to set the mood with the tune- when it’s time for some hanky panky in bed with bae


No Problem By Chance The Rapper

Try telling us you get in a car for a long journey and don’t feel the need to play music that makes your drive 1) bearable and 2) ENJOYABLE. (Hey Chance, ya think we could borrow that trucker hat for the road?)


Wilhelm Scream by James Blake 

There comes a time when you’re old enough to understand that crying isn’t always a bad thing- in fact, it’s just the opposite. It’s therapeutic. So when nothing has necessarily happened that could possibly push you to the point of tears- music is your best tool. Nothing stirs tears like a James Blake track.


Opps by Vince Staples ft. Yugen Blakrok

Are you trynna say that you can get hype to work out WITHOUT music that can make you physically aware of exactly how fast your heart is beating? Lol, try again.