2 weeks ago | BY Huma Hazarika Sharma

We heart it, you cart it

Hiya cuties! Can you believe it’s March already? We sure can’t, but we are still pretty thrilled the cold finally realised it had overstayed its welcome, and can see spring right ’round the bend. We’ve rounded up the coolest fashun, movies, food & drinks to help you bid the gloom goodbye as you welcome in spring!

They say the colour you wear can affect your mood, and we say nothing says fierce and bold quite like red, no? So be it a LRD (Lil Red Dress for the uninitiated), or something more cazh for the day, this one gets a thumbs-up from us.

Feather accessories of every kind is ragin’ this year. You can spruce up the most staid outfit with faux plumes in all colours and sizes ‘cos we are anti-cruelty ya know.#HARDMETAL
We are totally fangirling on the bangin’ metallic trend, and love the different interpretations of it, right from sequins, to bold golds and silver, to metallic accents on everything.

Apart from the fact that we totally love the happy vibe this trend’s got going on, we are even bigger fans of the fact that it’s come to be accepted as something that’s genderless, and a man can rock those blooms as hard as a gal.

Extra, extra, read all ’bout it. Ruffles are the newest ‘IT’ trend, and the more dramatic, the cooler it’ll look.

With the rise of #bodypositivity, clothes in oversized versions have pretty much become a staple in all our wardrobes, and thank God ‘cos deep inside there’s a lazy gal in all of us who just wants to indulge her sweet tooth or drink a glass of bubbly too many instead of hitting the gym on the daily.

The very first sheroine out of the Marvel Comics stable to headline her very own movie, Captain Marvel played by Brie Larson is finally out, and a few years too late, but better late than never we say.

Lonely Planet’s top country to travel to in 2019, Sri Lanka will probably figure on everyone’s itinerary in the summers, so might we suggest you beat the crowds, and head there now? From gorjus beaches to deep-sea diving, the yummiest crabs, architectural marvels, and mysterious ‘ol forts, Sri Lanka’s perfect to visit with everyone from the fam, to your besties to bae.

Alcohol-free alcohol (yes, that’s a thing now) is taking over a millennial at a time now, and while a lot of us would rather drown than say goodbye to our Margarita-fuelled brunches, alcohol-free cocktails are booming the world over thanks to brands like Seedlip, Silk Tree, Borrago, and more.

With the world gaining a conscience, cruelty-free lab-grown/plant-based meat has made it’s way into supermarkets, and some of the finest Michelin-star restaurants the world over. While lab-grown meat is essentially still meat grown out of animal cells but minus the cruel culling, plant-based meat is made of vegan supplements like soy, and fashioned into everything from hot dogs, and hamburgers that are free of meat, but taste just like it. Hi, Beyond Meat!