1 year ago | BY Ruhi Baweja

Making them boys understand a lil fashion sum sum

Do you know how often you miss hints when your girlfriend is incessantly talking about a certain bag she wants from a particular brand, and you can’t tell which ones the bag and which ones the brand? It’s time to educate you boys on basic and some not so basic fashion terms. But I’m going to take a different approach. I’m going to attempt (a nicer version of mansplaining,) dudesplaining, so you guys REALLY get it and don’t just nod while pretending to understand. 

We’ll start easy.


This colour, it’s like, in the purple family. It’s much lighter than the original purple though, like super light. Like the colour of the flower you get for your girlfriend every time you screw up, if you screw up. I don’t want to assume


Literally just a basic t-shirt with holes on the shoulders. It exposes just your shoulders, like just the balls of your shoulder. I’m not saying you’re uneducated, but “cold shoulder” is quite self explanatory.


It’s a thing you wear around your waist, just below your stomach and above your *cough*, that you can use to put your sh*t in.


No boys, this is not that thing we put in our hair, it’s a tiny bag that can only fit a phone and a lipstick. It comes in all shapes. All kinds of shapes.


I mean I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but… they’re just jeans. Simple denims that are unflattering. That means they don’t conventionally look good on the wearer. But they end up looking good, so it’s kinda ironic. Yano what I mean?


May I remind you that we’re talking about fashion terms? So no, this is not the outline of a shadow behind a screen. But we are talking about the outline of an item of clothing. Like, a top or a dress. Maybe pants.


I don’t mean to ruin the fun for you, but this is not what you’re thinking. The pussy bow.. Yeah, the pussy bow is a large, soft and mostly floppy bow at the neck of a shirt. Completely unexpected right?


Really!? You can’t figure this out on your own? Wow. Never mind. Um, these are sleeves that are shaped like the wings of a bat. Like, webbed arms.

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