1 year ago | BY Ruhi Baweja

10 ways dudes are doing it differently 

“How much can you do with denim!?”
A lot.
But sometimes, especially after this season, the denim trends are a bit out there and not for everyone.

So what do you do when you don’t want to look boring, but the denim life is your jam? You learn how to pair two unassuming things and take your look from boring to… well, not boring. Layering can help too, and we’ve got a few ideas for you!

Okay, granted, these denim jeans are pretty great on their own as well. Don’t mess with ‘em too much, just throw on a plain white tee. For layering, wear a loose-fitting black shirt or shacket (depending on the weather). 1

But how do you turn up a pair of plain black denim jeans? With a checkered shirt of course! When it’s kinda cold, trust the returning millennium trend of cardigans to keep you warm. You won’t look like a grandpa if you leave the buttons undone. 2

Your grey babies? Ease into a mandarin collared white shirt for some effortless fashion. 2017 your outfit with a short (NOT BLUE) denim jacket.3

Speaking of Millennium trends, colored skinnies are back on- but wait, they’re only acceptable in 2017 in a few shades. Like this autumnal perfection, pair it with a black tee (this one steals the spotlight with that leather patch) and for a bit of layering action, you can go with a (yes, blue) denim jacket. 4

If colored skinny jeans are too farfetched for you, yes, you have our permission to stick to the good ol’ blues. BUT, don’t you forget it’s 2017, and us millennials have a rep to maintain. Soooo, go for a blinding pink polo tee, and for layering purposes our autumnal fav- a corduroy jacket! 6

“How do we do dad jeans?” Well, there are a plethora of ways you can slay the dadcore life and even more ways you can completely NAY it. But our fav right now is a bright mustard sweatshirt, you can even tuck it in to really call attention to the dadness of your dad jeans. Layer up with sleeveless puffer jacket for yet another dad-point. 5

You know when you want to do dadcore, but you want to take it easy on the dadness of the entire situation? Like, you want it to be subtle? Go ‘regular fit jeans” that are kinda loose but not too loose, but definitely not tight. Pair it with a retro graphic tee, and layer up with a varsity jacket.7

In all this distressed, ripped, splattered denim mess, we’ve forgotten how to value unblemished denim. They’re as good as the others and paired with a breezy tropical shirt, look even better. Have to go for brunch? Throw on a casual blazer! 8

“I want to do slogan tees with denim, but not just any denim, what should I do?” The idea here is, you don’t want ordinary denim, but honestly, you don’t want your denim to be too out there either. Go for a subtle patchwork detailing. When you want to play the layering game, go the leather bomber jacket route. 9


Another great way to style your denim is with longline tees (callback: millennium trend). If you throw on a sweatshirt, you’ll see your longline is doing a little peep-show. 10