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Confessions of a newfound #Skintellectual 

Skintellectual: Into beauty and skincare with a more studied approach (in response to needs of the skin as opposed to callings of social media selfie needs- for yours truly)

Here’s an account

Eyes Eyes baby:

When it came to ageing the very first thing that hit me, and you, and possibly most humans who look at their face in the mirror, is the baggy, dark and not so subtle reminder under your eyes; dark circles. It’s inevitable, just take note and take action.  #TheBagGag

My Key Learning: INVEST in products for the eye, it’s essential.

Apply: Morning and night

Night Creams:


It’s a bit of an effort that has more to do with the fact that you have to do it than actually doing it. Just slather it on bruh. A simple routine of applying a night cream, gel or mask has one of those long term love-you-forever kinda benefits that include hydration, anti-aging and better overall skin quality. #SleepingBeauty

My Key Learning: Nighttime routine makes me feel as special as it does revitalizing the next morning. The forest essentials one below showed very noticeable benefits for me.

Apply: The term NIGHT cream was termed for a reason

Mask In Glory


Masking is more of a Saturday playtime activity that’s simple, fun and beneficial. Pick as many from the thousands of options available and use them in rotation as and when you think your skin needs. Think of it as instant gratification of a good kind that’s #SelfCare 101.

My Key Learning:  As evident I’m no #beautophile so I don’t have any groundbreaking insights into the miraculous benefits of Korean beauty (that’s how it all began) but masking does feel therapeutic and rejuvenating with minimum effort.

Apply: Anytime you want

Under The Sun 


SPF has always been important, get with it. It’s protection from the sun and external environment in the most basic sense. Always always use one. It’s always been around, just not on my priority list (and yours) except when on a beach holiday where asking around for sunscreen from my #travelfam is more a desperate reflex to the scorching heat. More #beachburn less #beachbum.

My Key Learning:  It’s highly crucial, more so than ever for all us #ClimateChangeNinjas

Apply: Morning and/or whenever you’re stepping out in the sun

The Serum Theorem 


This algebraic equation took a while to crack and learn, a more studied foray into skincare. Much like the regular Vitamin supplements you take for your overall health, these are specifically for your skin. These fuel and aid finer texture, even skin tone, protection and anti-ageing. Look for Vitamin E, Vitamin C, retinols. #PotionControl

My Key Learning: Serums and Vitamins are a big step up that are equipped to yield the kind of elevated results true skintellectuals look for. Understand your specific needs and the product you are going for.

Apply: Morning and/or night

Packaging Matters

The allure of beauty and skincare has a lot to do with the I-feel-good goodness; it’s for the senses. See, feel, smell and of course it plays on your mind. Beautiful looking products= Better benefits. This is not necessarily true. Research on the brand for it’s science and then get carried away by its packaging. Here’s a few picks for you to enjoy some downtime by de-stressing with these indulgent products with equally beautiful packaging.  #PackageDeal

My Key Learning: Indulge