1 year ago | BY Ruhi Baweja

Guiding us into the comic side

Tearing open a sachet of brown sugar after putting a sachet of white sugar in his Flat White, Raghav explains that the brown sugar we get at cafes is not actually brown sugar, because it’s meant to be sticky and unprocessed. 

Our conversation was pretty much like this throughout, with spouts of random (but insightful) facts that either blew my mind or just took me by surprise. 

Raghav Mandava, started with plays in school, theatre in college and further, the stage for comedy. First producing and now making the stage his own.

As someone who has watched him on multiple occasions, I personally needed to know what he was like in high school. 10

“Dude, I was f*cking lame. I was obnoxiously lame.” 

With white denim from Flying Machine that he precariously drew Metallica and Megadeth logos on, with a protractor, he recalls not caring if people thought he was lame or not. 

“Tell us a joke” is one of the questions he absolutely hates answering during interviews. So, obviously, I had to ask him to tell me a joke. Just for gags, so to speak. 

Surprisingly, he was quite enthusiastic about sharing a joke Eddie Murphy tells on stage. 

A bear and a rabbit were taking a shit in the woods. So the bear asked the rabbit “Hey man, do you have problems when shit sticks to your fur?” The rabbit said “No”.So the bear wiped his ass with the rabbit

Who are some comedians we should be looking out for in 2018?

A few artists he said we should look out for are Urooj Ashfaq, Manik Mahna, Srijan Kaushik.8

He also recommends Kanan Gill’s stand-up.He is genuinely a treat because of his economy with words, its quite fascinating how much he can say with how few words and Atul Khatri who has the unusual gift of being able to throw in a joke every 10 seconds.” 


“Speaking of artists, and I don’t mind that it’s on the record- For most artists I say, that being an artist makes you crazy, its not the other way around. You’re not an artist cos you’re crazy. Becoming an artist makes you a nutter.” 

Any comedy events that we need in our lives in 2018?

Scratchcard!”. It’s an event that is organised by Raghav himself, where he doesn’t announce the lineup. Previous performers include Rohan Joshi, Aditi Mittal, Papa Cj, Manik Manha. 

If you were a colour in a crayon box, which one would you be ?5

“I would be the pinkest pink possible, because pink is a nice colour. I quite like bright colours. If I had to be one, it would be one that pops” 

He continued telling me that he likes wearing colours onstage, just as a practice. He reckoned that he liked making an effort with what he wears, even though he doesn’t know much about fashion per say. Then again, “Who the f*ck knows anything about fashion?” 

When asked if he’d ever consider wearing heels, it was a solid no because he feels “it’s just lying about how tall you are” 

He went on telling me that one of the first shows he ever watched was Eddie Izzard, a cross dressing comedian who pulled of a one hour, forty minutes show wearing really high heels. 7

Then, out of the blue, he remembered a song that he wanted me to listen to and quickly pulled out his earphones and asked me to wear ‘em. After listening to the entire song, I asked him what other kinda music he likes listening to and he said, “My favourite artist is Kanye West, and Madonna is my hero. I don’t listen to music, I live it” 

What was your worst show? 6

“Oh! There is one. But it’s also my favourite” 

He went on explaining that he was one of 30-35 comedians on the lineup for Pajama Festival that was organised by Vir Das. 

He decided to go for a style that he had never tried before, and totally bombed that show. 

 “I’m going to quote one of my artistic heroes, Kanye West: “Everybody’s going to say something, I’d be worried if they said nothing” Bombing properly is an art, and I think that day I pulled it off”