Celeb Speak: Lianne Texeira

1 year ago | BY Sanchi Nasta

What do you get when you cross Agatha Christie with Legally Blonde? YouTube web-series Alisha might give you a clue. We’re addicted to the adventures of fashionista and intrepid sleuth Alisha, as she goes about solving crimes and mysteries, all while being impeccably dressed. The Juice sat down with Lianne Texeira, Alisha’s lead actress, to learn more about the show, her style sensibilities and future plans.

Tell us about your life before Alisha. How did the series happen?
I’m an actor and writer. I’ve studied drama at Whistling Woods International film school. While taking a break from acting to study filmmaking, I got an idea for the Alisha concept. Since I love film and fashion, it was a great way to incorporate both of these mediums. I pitched the concept to [digital media company] Culture Machine and we collaborated to make this happen.

As a fashion blogger how easy was it for you to slip into Alisha’s role?
I blog and make fashion films. Fashion journalism was always something I was interested in. So while creating the show I kept all these little aspects in mind. It was quite chilled out, especially because I got the freedom to be myself.

What is your personal style quotient?
Experimental and moody.

What are the most prized pieces in your wardrobe?
My great grandmother’s 1920s’ vintage purse, a pair of Vince Camuto sequined heels and a simple black DKNY wrist watch my mother gifted me.

What are your favourite brands from Jabong?
Topshop, Superdry and Boohoo.

Your five favourite pieces from Jabong?
The Superdry sequined high top sneakers, Topshop’s tassel leather jacket, Faballey’s navy blue peplum maxi, Boohoo’s cropped low-rise jeans and bell sleeved lace dress.

What’s next on Alisha’s journey?
I’m planning to write a noir-style fashion novel for Alisha and prepare for the audience’s reactions to the series finale.

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