3 months ago | BY Jahnavi Prasad

Get some colour therapy

It surely is not acceptable and pretty much criminal to not get excited to play dress-up this month! Halfway into the month and we have pulled up at least ten looks and hoping to pull off as many as the number of days left for this year to end.
Lack of ideas is bound to arrive therefore here are some leading make-up maestros for some inspo. Join the craze? 

WHO: Amber Dreadon
WHAT: A lilac lid–it sits pretty on the hue meter without screaming loud. Just keep the rest of your face nice, moist and basic.

WHO: Katie Jane Hughes
WHAT: If you’re in a lookout to find the real meaning of smokey eyes, then Katie’s page is your sanctuary. Even Rosie Huntington Whitely agrees! You’ll literally see a smoked eye in every possible colour combination. Look here… rust and grey! lovely!


WHO: Pati Dubroff
WHAT: Pati is Priyanka Chopra’s HMU!! Do we need any other reason to ask you to start following her asap? She’ll teach you how subtle looks sultry and sultry looks extremely sexy. 3

WHO: Julia Adams
WHAT: Her Bambi-esque looks are going to get you hooked on to her. We literally didn’t think a green would end up looking that amazing as it does on her. 4

WHO: Kale Teter
WHAT: We found it so difficult to move past his beautiful face and shift our focus on the beautiful faces he works on and the beautiful looks he creates. The term A-listers is an understatement. If we were famous we’d hire him for sure… who wouldn’t want a really good and cute make-up artist? 5

WHO: Naoko Scintu
WHAT: Beautiful eyes. Beautiful eyes. Beautiful eyes. End of story.

WHOKelsey Deenihan
WHAT: She’s spunky! She convinced us to use hues that were reserved for the glossies and not real life. Do you see how that aqua looks sooooo normal? Thanks, Kelsey! 7