11 months ago | BY Ruhi Baweja

6 things you need to unlearn STAT

Have you ever heard absolutely outrageous “beauty truths” from older members of your family and thought “Could this actually be true?” Like- eat curd, become fair…. “Are you serious, Seema aunty?”

The myths we’re calling out today, though, are frequently believed by the younger generation as well. Lets discuss and debunk some of ‘em, shall we?

1The reason you think your hair’s getting thicker is because it grows back stubbly as compared to when you wax. The hair just appears to grow out thicker when in reality it’s not.

Conclusion: Don’t shy away from the razor just ‘cuz you think it’s making your hair grow back thicker- ‘cuz that’s impossible.

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Whether you put a hair iron or a curler to your hair once in your lifetime, or on a regular basis- it can damage your hair from the the very first time you apply heat to your hair.

Conclusion: ALWAYS use heat protection products before applying heat on your hair2sShop: Toni & Guy Heat Protection Mist 150Ml, ₹638

3This statement is SO false, it’s making our lashes look real. Wearing makeup everyday after taking the correct steps to prep and prime your skin cannot possibly harm your skin. While an entire day of makeup can’t do anything to clog your pores the real problem is falling asleep with your makeup on.

Conclusion: REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP BEFORE GETTING INTO BED!!!! We can’t emphasise on this enough.3sShop: 3INA The Eyes & Lips Make-up Remover, ₹700; 3INA The Toner, ₹800

4Not only is this statement a load of bull, but it also messes with your mascara. Pumping it lets more air into your mascara and dries it out faster, creating the perfect concoction to propagate bacterial growth inside the tube.

Conclusion: Swirl the wand out of the tube for smooth application and no bacteria!4sShop: Maybelline Gigi Hadid Dual Ended Fiber Mascara Black, ₹699

5We feel like this myth doesn’t know it’s messing with  B I O L O G Y.

“By nature, your brows are meant to be two to three shades darker than the hair on your head.”

Conclusion: Listen to biology.

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6The DAY that happens tho….

Just like shaving doesn’t make your hair thicker, waxing doesn’t make it thinner.

Conclusion: The sooner you realise that the texture and volume of your hair can’t be manipulated by practices like shaving and waxing, the better it is for you.

And your hair.

And hair removal.6sShop: O3+ Twc Wax Milk 400G, ₹475; O3+ Soothing Aloe Vera Pre-Wax Cleanser 250G, ₹700

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