10 months ago | BY Kriti Asthana

A 5-point guide for Virgos


Whether you’ve decided to #TreatYoSelf or it’s time to gift your Virgo loved ones, we’ve got you covered.

It looks like you have had a sleepy August, and the laziness will continue well into September. But you don’t mind, do you? You a homebody through and through #MercuryInRetrogade
1Shop: Next Sheepy Slider Slippers, ₹1190; Next Novelty Slider Beige Flip Flops, ₹1190; Spread Lavender Winter Comforter, ₹3740
Have you been neglecting your health, Virgo? Thankfully, Saturn’s made a move to your house of self-care. You know what that means? Stockin’ up on some merch!
2Shop: Michael Kors Access Crosby Mka101004 Pink/Rose Gold Activity Tracker, ₹6995; Misfit Shine 2 Fitness Band, ₹7495; Nike Vpr Max Air M Duff Dark Grey Training Duffle Bag, ₹4795
From teacher’s pet to manager’s pet, your analytical and hard-working nature will ensure you will ALWAYS do well in your career. Why not look the part?
3Shop: Cover Story Pink Coloured Solid Bodycon Dress, ₹2990; Raymond Blue Solid Slim Fit Chinos, ₹1599; Sir Corbett Monk Strap Tan Formal Shoes, ₹1125
What is this obsession with lists, Virgo? The good thing is that you are on top of everything ALL.THE.TIME!
4Shop: Fastrack Black/Black Digital Watch, ₹1872; Swarovski Brown/Black Stainless Steel Analog Watch, ₹23900
The downside of being super efficient? Virgos don’t have the patience if you don’t live up to their idea of efficiency and tend to get a teensy-bit irritable.
5Shop: Planet Superheroes White Graphic T Shirt, ₹699; Planet Superheroes Navy Blue Printed Round Neck T-Shirt, ₹699